the forest & us

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

It was the second day of Christmas that snow finally appeared in my city. It was a very beautiful day, truly! We took a walk in the forest, the way I always wanted. I felt as if forest & I could for once be in unison. I always missed out on their winter walks, when they were engaged not yet married, and now I realize how much I had missed back there. Our city's beach had been renovated earlier that year, and it looked beautifully, covered with a thin layer of snow. It was just a few degrees below zero, yet my cheeks already experienced the soft kisses of frost. Just a few degrees and I was forced to warm my Canon with my breath, so it could capture the beauty of the moment. At some point I thought it died on me completely! What a terror! I've grown to feel that family time is important. And I cherish time with my sister like never before. She is a great model, although she always insists to photograph her without showing her face. She clearly thinks this is how you take photographs nowadays. Huge congrats to Betsy and Natalie, each of them got engaged during Christmas, how adorable! I am so excited for both of you and your hubbies-to-be. Also, today is the last day to grab the -60% promotion on ALL ads with code "December60". See you soon in 2015! :) 

making it cosy: new cacti

Thursday, 25 December 2014

There will be a new series of post on this blog, one that I will include all the things I buy for my new apartment, where I am moving in February.

I caught myself thinking about it the other day, trying to generally make up my mind about this moving thing, because I still not know whether it makes more anxious or more excited. Anxious because it's the first time since I moved to this city that I am changing place, excited since change is sometimes a good thing.

I fell in love with the potential our new apartment has. And immediately after picking a room, I got sunk into the madness of fabric choosing, because an idea started forming in my head about how to make it all look the way I had always dreamed. It is a rented flat, there will be no miracles, yet tries at making myself a cosy place. It is going to happen in the middle of the year, that is an obstacle, because lacking time can get you frustrated before you actually manage to do something. I want to keep it minimalistic, but on the other hand all those fabrics found on etsy just scream at me to buy them and make curtains out of them, or at least some pyjamas for my love. I quickly started browsing the net, looking for inspiration and put together some sort of a board of all the things I could find. Hopefully in future, I will buy them one by one and in the end my room will be everything I want it to be. Basic ideas included: colorful details like curtains and pillows, the rest in white and blue, and lots of succulent love! :)

I started to feel like I wanted to start from scratch, like I could go through my things and get rid of half of them, not feeling a bit of regret. I had too much to carry to another place, and I wanted tabula rasa. Tabula rasa and my own scandi room, with minimalist wooden furniture and a big white desk, a great background for all the photography I could ever desire.

Canon AE-1 Program first try.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Few weeks ago I bought a new camera, which is Canon AE-1 Program. I have been looking everywhere for that camera. I was determined and not meant to back down until I could hold it in my hands. This cam means a new photography era for me. I had been photographing with Praktica MTL 3 for more than a year, and it's been a fantastic experience. Something that made me want to explore analog photography even further. That Canon is surely a step forward for this blog and for myself. It came with a regular Canon 1.8 50mm lens, and it's actually a new thing for me to be shooting such lens since I only relied on my 58mm for a long time. AE-1 Program was a camera that had been recommended to me by lots of people, and I cannot be happier to finally own it! :)

5 little things.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Enjoy the little things, for some day you will look back and realize they were the big things.

Tuesday might not be my most favourite day of the week, but as any other day anyone should be able to find at least 5 little things to love, enjoy about that certain date.

1// Today we can celebrate our 4 months together, which (frankly speaking) I would call more of a 11 months period of time, but since we're keeping it official at this point, 4 months it is. I feel like I have known you for so long, 4 months is simply nothing compared to that. It doesn't do us any justice.

Dzisiaj mijają nam cztery miesiące, chociaż szczerze nazwałabym te cztery - jedenastoma. Czując, że znam Cię już tak długo, że cztery miesiące to po prostu niesprawiedliwe określenie.

2// This time I managed to get all Christmas gifts on time and today being December 9th I could even start wrapping them all already... I won't though. I just have to leave it for the last moment. 

Tym razem wszystkie prezenty świąteczne dotarły na czas i w zasadzie już dzisiaj, czyli dziewiątego, mogłabym zacząć je pakować... czego nie zamierzam robić, bo wypada zostawić cokolwiek na ostatnią chwilę.

3// Last night I finally bought Canon AE-1 Program, which I had longed for for such a long time! All thanks to super nice pair from Hungary, whom I had found on Etsy. (Click for their Etsy store) I was offered a 20% discount all because I wrote them an email on the 6th, asking whether I could bargain over the price. Pure luck!

Wczoraj w nocy nareszcie kupiłam wymarzonego Canona AE-1 Program, którego chciałam mieć w swojej kolekcji już od dawna. Wszystko dzięki przemiłej parze z Węgier, których znalazłam na Etsy (tutaj), a którzy dali mi 20% rabatu (i lampę w prezencie) tylko dlatego, że napisałam do nich akurat szóstego grudnia, bo chciałam się potargować odnośnie ceny. Czyste szczęście!

4// Today we are starting to look for a new flat, which is for me both scary and exciting. But I will make a different post all about that matter. Just keep your fingers crossed for me please! :)

Dzisiaj zaczynamy szukać nowego mieszkania, co jest dla mnie zarówno straszne jak i ekscytujące. Powinien być osobny post na ten temat, ale trzymajcie proszę kciuki, by wszystko się udało!

5// Tuesday evenings mean also naps, which with my fucked up sleeping schedule are real gems. After this post is up online, I will make myself cozy, wrapped in my new Home&You blanket and try to sleep for at least two hours before going back to university life and Pharmacology.

Wtorkowe wieczory oznaczają też drzemki, które przy tak poplątanym rozkładzie snu są prawdziwą perełką! Kiedy już wstawię post, otulę się kocykiem z Home&You i przynajmniej dwie godziny pośpię, bo potem trzeba wracać do życia i farmakologii.


Friday, 5 December 2014

We got a few days of lovely wintery weather, but then the snow melted and we are back to this pre-winter state, even though it's already so close to Christmas. I adore how film captures snowflakes. I can see the potential winter brings. Scholarship in, I can finally order some more film and set my eyes on new goals. I would love to take more portraits. Most people can't handle me focusing for too long, we have to work on that. :) Take care, loves!

Shadow passes, light remains.

Monday, 1 December 2014

I fall little behind with everything as the winter is approaching this city and makes itself cosy. Snow makes me go lazy. Blue skies, white snow, bed and the happy hipster playlist. Waiting for the Christmas break to come, which will happen in 3 weeks. We've almost made it. I'm both motivated to exit my comfort zone and wanting to just lay back and watch life go by. Quite a weird combination. I'm meeting so many new people these days, I truly start to believe it could all be worth something. That perhaps uni years are what they call the time of my life. I'm in the middle of it, so maybe it's about time I found real joy in where I am.

winter is coming

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Myself in my new winter hat.

I have always liked travelling, I loved the idea of moving some place distant, the preparations, the train ride, and all those fun perks. Last year was full of moving from place to place. And through all that travelling I realized that I do not have a real home. I would feel good in any place, where I had my love and something to eat. Oh and at least a half satisfying sleeping place.

Zadie's Polish adventure

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Zadie's arrival was like a bright spark of light during sad and depressing autumn. I love being a part of a concept that's much bigger than myself. It us amazing how I am only a small step in the journey of that little doll. Zadie will travel further than I ever would. Finland was her first stop, where she stayed with Polly, then she visited me in Bialystok, Poland.

the bistro curse.

Friday, 7 November 2014

You hate me, because sometimes I love trying new things. We had about 1,5 hr after our Neurology class, and I really really set my mind on visiting that new place in our city, a place we have never been before but often went by, wondering what it might serve us one day. I seriously fail at having breakfast nowadays. We start classes at 8am every day, which gives me about 3-4 hours of sleep. Damn, I am already losing at keeping the word I gave myself earlier this fall. So I don't focus on breakfasts too much.

I am not sure whether you remember it or not, but earlier this year another bistro in our town really let me down. Is that a curse or something?

I asked A to list things that we found wrong. "You watch all these tv programs, Kitchen Nightmares, Salon Takeover, and so on, and now you can critisize basically anything." A light smile appearing on your face. We're good - I think - and we're getting better at this.

Nienawidzisz mnie, bo czasami kocham spróbować czegoś nowego. Miałyśmy około półtorej godziny po zajęciach z neurologii, a ja tak bardzo nastawiłam się na odwiedzenie tego nowego bistro, gdzie jeszcze nie byłyśmy, ale przechodząc obok, zawsze zastanawiałyśmy się, co tam kiedyś zamówimy. Ostatnio nie udają mi się śniadania. Zaczynamy o ósmej, co daje mi około 3-4 godzin snu. Cholera, już łamię obietnicę daną sobie wcześniej tej jesieni. Tak więc nie skupiam się za bardzo na śniadaniach.

Nie jestem pewna, czy pamiętacie, jak pisałam o innym bistro w naszym mieście, które tak strasznie mnie zawiodło. Wyczuwam klątwę.

Poprosiłam A, żeby wymieniła mi rzeczy, które według niej były złe. "Oglądasz te wszystkie programy, Kuchenne Rewolucje, Ostre Cięcie, itd, teraz umiesz skrytykować właściwie wszystko." Lekki uśmiech pojawił Ci się na twarzy. Myślę sobie, "Jesteśmy dobre, jesteśmy w tym coraz lepsze."

dum spiro, spero

Friday, 31 October 2014

Every week I notice myself breaking to pieces, and by the time Friday comes, I start to put myself back together. With different results each time. University gives me the worst kind of nervousness, love is not always what it's meant to be, and I am genuinely tired. My heart is. Photography, on the other hand, is doing quite alright. I feel like I could use free Fridays every week. One day completely to myself. Cleaning the apartment, taking care of myself, cooking some dinner. All these human things often get lost among things I study for.

There is one piece of exciting news - we are going to Cracow on the 14th. I love how this major makes me go places. I have never ever been to Cracow, even though it's one of the most gorgeous Polish cities. My film stock is not ready yet, but I will surely grab some Fuji Superias and take them with me. 

I had a feeling that I might never finish that black and white roll of film. Beautiful autumn weather around me, and everything I could capture were shades of grey. Quite acurate reflection of my soul.

I am counting the days to buying a new camera. It's one of the things that I really await.

Despite everything I really loved Kodak 400 CN, with it's amazing delicate grain!
Każdego tygodnia zauważam, że rozpadam się na kawałki, a do piątku zaczynam składać siebie od nowa. Zawsze z innym rezultatem. Uczelnia daje mi teraz bardzo dużo nerwów, miłość nie jest zawsze tym, czym powinna być, a ja jestem prawdziwie zmęczona. Moje serce jest. Fotografowanie wychodzi jednak całkiem dobrze. Czuję, że przydałyby mi się wolne piątki dokładnie co tydzień. Jeden dzień cały dla siebie. Trochę sprzątania, zajęcia się sobą, zrobienie obiadu. Wszystkie te małe ludzkie czynności, które często gubią się wśród rzeczy do nauki.

Jest jedna bardzo ekscytująca informacja - 14.11 wybieramy się do Krakowa. Wprost kocham to, że dzięki temu kierunkowi tyle podróżuję. Nigdy nie byłam w Krakowie, mimo tego, że to jedno z najpiękniejszych polskich miast. Nie kupiłam jeszcze filmów, ale zapewne niedługo zaopatrzę się w kilka Fuji Superii z tej okazji.

Miałam wrażenie, że nigdy nie uda mi się skończyć tej czarno-białej rolki. Piękna jesienna pogoda wokół mnie, a ja mogłam fotografować tylko w szarościach. Całkiem odpowiednie odzwierciedlenie mojej duszy.

Odliczam dni do kupienia nowego aparatu. To jedna z rzeczy, na które niesamowicie czekam.

Pomimo wszystko, pokochałam Kodak 400 CN, z jego cudownie delikatną ziarnistością!

Welcome to Banana Garden

Sunday, 26 October 2014

One of the most important items in my travelling bag is a camera. My sister knew it all too well, when she gave it to me along with three rolls of film and commanded not to disappoint her. Three months after our wedding, we went on the long anticipated trip to a Greek island - Crete. I still have memories of myself, with two cameras hanging on my neck - compact digital cam and lomography one from Kasia, looming over an abyss and trying to take this one shot, allowing me to show off. However, more interesting was actually the view of people staring at how I was photographing basically everything that drew my attention.
Jedną z ważniejszych rzeczy w torbie podróżnej jest dla mnie aparat fotograficzny. Dobrze wiedziała o tym moja siostra, dając mi go przed wyjazdem wraz z trzema kliszami z przykazaniem, że mam jej nie zawieść... Trzy miesiące po ślubie wybraliśmy się w długo oczekiwaną podróż na grecką wyspę Kretę. Wciąż mam w pamięci siebie obwieszoną dwoma aparatami - kompaktową cyfrówką i analogowym lomography od Kasi, nieraz wiszącą nad przepaścią usiłującą zrobić popisowe ujęcie. Ciekawszy był jednak widok ludzi patrzących się na mnie, jak fotografowałam dosłownie wszystko, co wydało mi się co najmniej ciekawe.


Saturday, 11 October 2014

I'm trying to find my own rhythm of life. I started being myself again. I book hotels, I go to caffes and spend tons on coffee. I take my camera out sporadically. My thoughts travel ahead with some enormous speed, as I postpone my obligations further and further away from "now". I think I am definitely someone who lives in the future. Hoping and wishing and wanting more. I am a bit worried of any routine entering my life. It gives me warmth at night to be thinking of us, but I want my happy ending to be here already. No doubts or additional questions.

My life is now basically like a never ending stream of books, dumplings and pasta dishes, new music as in Isbells (whose 'Elation' gives me this warm fuzzy feeling inside, please give it a listen) and eating apples, so I will as healthy as possible. Leaves have this amazing variety of colors right now, but I am still stuck with a black & white roll and I curse the fact of owning only one slr :(

Being in such a huge art gallery was definitely a big experience. For the very first time I decided to buy a photographer pass, which made me feel suprisingly good. I could photograph freely, find the angles that worked for me and enjoy this place more than I normally would.
Staram się znaleźć swój własny rytm w tym wszystkim. Znowu jestem sobą. Zabookowuję hotele, wydaję dużo na kawę. Aparat wyjmuję dość sporadycznie. Moje myśli wybiegają w przód z ogromną prędkością, podczas gdy ja odkładam swoje obowiązki dalej i dalej od "teraz". Zdecydowanie żyję w przyszłości. Mając nadzieję i chcąc więcej. Trochę się martwię jakąkolwiek rutyną wchodzącą w moje życie. Myślenie o nas daje mi ciepło w nocy, ale już chcę szczęśliwego zakończenia. Bez wątpliwości czy dodatkowych pytań.

Moje życie jest teraz jak niekończące się pasmo książek, pierogów i makaronowych dań, nowej muzyki np. Isbells (ich 'Elation' powoduje u mnie takie ciepłe uczucie w środku, proszę przesłuchajcie!) i jedzenia jabłek, aby być zdrową. Liście mają te cudowne kolory, a ja nadal mam czarno-białą rolkę w aparacie, przeklinam fakt posiadania tylko jednego aparatu :(

Bycie w takiej wielkiej galerii było zdecydowanie dużym przeżyciem. Pierwszy raz zdecydowałam się kupić przepustkę dla fotografów, która, co ciekawe, sprawiła, że czułam się dobrze. Mogłam fotografować, co chciałam, kombinować z kadrami i po prostu czerpać więcej przyjemności z tej wizyty.

roads to walk alone

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Another season came and I am already struggling to find my place in this town. Every year I feel changed, like the reality that I had known and loved is gone forever. Every other day I find myself anxious. They say that fear comes from having something to lose and having a lot to live for. We are all afraid of something, but in the moments of sheer happiness we come together no matter what. Today I have a day off. A day of shamelessly not giving a damn about anything and everything. I am starting to wonder how crazy my 20s will eventually get. Life has surely many roads to walk alone, but it's been awhile since the last time I made a conscious decision to do something just by myself. Which way are we headed, huh? How to find time for so many aspects of my life at this point? How to stay motivated?

I want to keep posting, but I can already feel it's going to be tough. I haven't been photographing much, having the same roll in my camera for over a week now. This is why sometimes I will show you things from the past. If I manage to actually live between one sneeze and another, and somehow photograph my life outside of university, maybe this beautiful autumn weather outside of my window right now, then I will be back from time to time. I will try to make my sister finally develop the rolls she made in Greece this summer, so a little guest post is coming your way too! :) How are you holding on? Is fall treating you good?

I might finally give double exposure a try! Any tips?


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

It is a moment in the history of this blog, when I decided that I need to make some changes and start writing to you also in Polish. This diary of mine has loads of Polish readers and I wanted to do them all a favour. The text in Polish will be a free translation of this in the first column, and this is because Dipped in Rococo posts are mostly created inside of my head in English. Sometimes I will not write a literal translation, but things I will want to convey, you will be able to read in both languages :) After years of studying English, reading books and watching tv shows it's much easier for me to spread my wings when writing in that language. Frankly speaking, I've always had this dilemma, what language to write to you in.
Of course, I recon that nowadays everyone is trying their hand at learning English, but I did not want to separate myself from readers, who just don't feel so comfortable speaking it. So here I am! :) I'll try to stick to such form of the posts.

Thank you very much for a fairly large response below my last post (that I know wasn't anything special in the terms of analogue photography). Pictures come to an end, thoughts slowly pass onto a completely different track, associated with the university and how not to die this year.
Several images in this post I still have from Olsztyn, when summer was still in full swing and we decided to go for a walk. Resolutions for fall? At least five hours of sleep a day. Buying a new camera. 

If anyone is interested in exchanging banners, new free spots will be available soon, read more here
T A L K   T O   Y O U   S O O N!
Nadszedł moment w historii tego bloga, kiedy zdecydowałam, że należy trochę się zmienić i zacząć pisać do Was także w języku polskim. Dużo osób z Polski tu zagląda i to właśnie dla nich. Teksty będą w wolnym tłumaczeniu z tego w pierwszej kolumnie, a to ponieważ zazwyczaj posty na Dipped in Rococo powstają w mojej głowie już po angielsku. Czasami nie będę pisać wszystkiego słowo w słowo, ale to co będę chciała przekazać, pojawi się w obu językach. Po latach nauki angielskiego, czytania książek i oglądania seriali, dużo łatwiej jest mi rozwinąć skrzydła podczas pisania właśnie w tym języku. Szczerze mówiąc, zawsze miałam ten dylemat, w jakim języku do Was pisać. Oczywiście myślę, że teraz już wszyscy próbują swoich sił w angielskim, ale nie chciałam zamykać sobie dojścia do czytelników, którzy po prostu nie czują się z nim dobrze. Tak więc jestem! :) I postaram się być w tej formie już zawsze.

Bardzo dziękuję za dość duży odzew pod moim ostatnim postem, który dobrze wiem, że nie powalał pod analogowym względem. Zdjęcia się kończą, myśli powoli przechodzą na zupełnie inne tory, związane z uczelnią i tym, jak nie zginąć w tym roku.
Kilka zdjęć w tym poście zostało mi jeszcze z Olsztyna, kiedy lato nadal trwało w najlepsze i zdecydowałyśmy się na spacer. Postanowienia na jesień? Przynajmniej 5 godzin snu dziennie. Kupienie nowego aparatu. 

Jeśli ktoś jest zainteresowany wymianą banerów, to niedługo zwalniają się darmowe miejsca na taki barter, doczytajcie sobie tutaj.
D O   U S Ł Y S Z E N I A !


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Fuji Color 200

analog or digital 
It bugs me practically every time I develop a new roll, or see Kinfolk mag or find something inspiring in terms of photography. People can do wonders with their cameras, that is one thing I am sure of. Second, with a talent, it seriously doesn't matter whether you pick analog or digital. A good idea is still a good idea. Analog stole my heart with its light depiction. It was something I have never seen before, while regulars (B or even C-class digital devices) lacked depth that I so strongly desired. I still believe analog is a great choice (even though it is seriously a pricey hobby and supposedly it will get more and more expensive with time), but I often wonder where my future lies with photography. Maybe one day I will just switch to convenience of pluging a usb into my laptop to view my little snaps, then something will end but a new chapter of this blog will begin. Digital would be an investment for years to come, and perhaps a method of posting more regularly, not being depended on lightning conditions or not missing this perfect shot, because of taking it only once.
socialite or introvert 
I am not the most social person you have met, nor I aspire to be one. Perhaps that's too bad. When you're alone, you can, colloquially speaking, fuck what everybody thinks. Be the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. After you've made a decision to share your life with somebody else, that choice no longer seems so obvious. Of course, I am not talking about a complete collisions of personalities, a party lover and the worst type of an introvert, that I shall not try to deal with. But I strongly believe that for some values in life, we should try our best not to be egocentric anymore. I am the worst kind of an egocentric, you know? But I have learnt some lessons by now, and I hope I am on a road that only goes up from now on. I don't feel this need of socializing, but that doesn't mean that because of it, I should act like less of a friend or less of a girlfriend.

falling in love with the city

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Four days in the capital gave me a chance to experience its light touch upon my heart. It was nice for the first time not to be weighted down by my luggage, but instead walking freely, taking photographs and enjoying myself. I had a list of places to visit while in Warsaw, places recommended by friends and picked while browsing the internet opinions.

little daily disappointments.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Kaffka Bistro has been around for over two months. we decided to visit at the end of August, giving it some time to grow and expand. By looking at the photographs of Kaffka, I got an impression that this is just the kind of a place I am going to love. White brick walls, Instagram snaps on little strings, big table, some work space, little birdy details. Sugar with white rose petals and lavender. Oh my. This is why this post is going to be filled with so much sorrow, because I really set my expectations high this time.

postcards from O

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

open my eyes each morning, often awaken after a bad dream, and I crave caffeine and you. I go downstairs to quickly make myself a dose of the first one, the latter need stays unfulfilled. The most probable is that I am going to go with the flow, wherever it may lead me. I miss you, my person, very much. 

I am sort of in love with the top photograph. Old town is the only place in my city where something is happening. We don't get the loud & social evenings B has, but that view of that place makes me reminisce. We are so damn old already. I still need training when it comes to 800 iso film. It's a great challenge for me, I think. Just how you learn to focus properly, you have to learn what conditions to shoot under. It's not so easy peasyHow weird is that when I get a white coffee without any art on it, I am a little disappointed? One of my favourite coffee stores in B seriously spoiled me in that respect. They get you teddy bears, tigers, and much more. Even if you're, like us, crashing their place half an hour before closing, for a late night date of cappucino.

Next week we are going to Varsovie for a couple of days, and it's lovely how hard you try to make me travel through B while I'm on my way over there. Expect some photographs once I'm back. I still have some time in my beloved O, even though all my molecules dream to be somewhere else. Time flies, seriously. Soon enough new numbers will be welcomed into my life, 8 months, year three,  2015. 

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what we brought from Budapest

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hi there!
Last year I told you that spending money while being on holiday is my weak point. Well it certainly is. Not in a way anyone would think. Hungary was no different. I tried to spend money wisely. We bought essentials (and wine of course) and at last started to look for extra stuff, like keepsakes for our families and little treats for ourselves too :)

Once we were back in my apartment in B, we got everything out on my bed and I photographed those little souvenirs thoroughly. We came back with:

- a letter from hotel's manager Kate, which was a nice addition to the whole stay (a drawing of a dinosaur came along with it, which was a personal request of A)
- maps, transport tiquets, all sight-seeing info.
- a fridge magnet for my sis
- national gallery stuff, postcards of Budapest and art, a notebook that will be my new diary
- A brought a Tokaji Aszu (4) fairly famous Hungarian wine
- some plum Palinkas (which are sweets filled with their 60% vodka, pretty serious stuff, I am telling you...) for our friend P, who lent us her bag for the trip and some marzipan treats as well.
- I brought 6 films with me, which left me with dozens of memories of that beautiful city

And last, but not least, just when I was left with about 1/2 of my budget, we decided to go to a Lush store that we spotted sometime during sight-seeing. Lush is a cool brand with eco-friendly, not animal tested, cosmetics which I always wanted to try but could not, since it's not available in Poland. Not to go into details, we got two bathing bombs (used them both already!) and got familiar with the rest of their products, thanks to a lovely and English speaking sales girl.

Damn, I have no idea what happens, but when I am abroad I am definitely not a spender and in my everyday life it's just so hard to stop buying. Seriously.

What is a thing that you always bring from your journeys/vacations? :)

Danube, opera and house of terror.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Banks of Danube hold one of the most beautiful memorial sights we have seen in Budapest. It honors the Jews who were killed by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen in Budapest during World War II. They were ordered to take off their shoes, and were shot at the edge of the water so that their bodies fell into the river and were carried away. It represents their shoes left behind on the bank. Look, contemplate, photograph.

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Opera and its surroundings is a beautiful spot both at night and during the day. On one of the mornings we took a stroll down the Hajos street, crossing streets of Lazar, Ó and Zichy. Budapest is excellent for little strolls in the sun, admiring the architecture and deciding where to eat.

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House of Terror, located at Andrassy street is a well developed memorial for crimes of both Nazi and Communist parties during World War II. It's situated in the walls of a huge building which was the headquarters of both aforementioned organizations. In the cellar the killings were executed. Touching piece of history, a must see. I would recommend getting an audio-guide in English, because we did not, and unfortunately most of the exhibition was in Hungarian.

You know how they always show you the pictures of the victims. One of the last rooms included the photographs of the killers. Astonishingly dreadful experience to be looking into the eyes of murderers and their proteges.

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Liberty Square.

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