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Saturday, 9 May 2015

I am so so sorry for leaving you with no decent posts for so long! May & June will hopefully be the last months of my year three, so once the summer comes I will be here for good. Soon (in June) this blog will turn two years old, which makes me proud and excited to think what else will come my way. Photography has become so important, I don't want to ever let go of it! Today I am taking you with my photographs to sunny Warsaw, where I spent last May break, having been asked by my new flatmate to visit her for a few days. Beware, this post is a photo masterpost! I decided to show you most of the shots I took on that weekend. Featuring also pictures from the gorgoues Wilanów palace-gardens complex, leaving out only the ones took with Kodak Portra 400, since it was my first time with that film and I think it deserves a separate post about its performance and my opinion :) So read more, enjoy! Also, I have finally hit the 1k mark on Instagram, thank you everyone for following me and if you want to do so - check @cadds

few snaps for a better saturday

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Today I feel like a worn out shoe. Yesterday I came back from Warsaw, where I spent two days of my spring break. I took a lot of photographs, that you will see next week. I met some amazing and inspiring people, even a Polish super model which I adore, a meeting that left me shaking from excitement. I could go on and on about that trip and how amazing I felt photographing that city and new places I had never explored before, but there will surely be time for that in the next post. Lately, I have been living in my fake empire, with some events that made me very stressed and unhappy. I regret nothing. I just want to go on living, not standing in anyone's way, but I refuse, I really refuse to be blamed for all of it. Do you ever feel like you are a good person, but that it has its end?

I want to keep going even though it gets tough. I admire people with skills, people who are deeply in love with what they do. I love seeing how their eyes lighten up, when they are talking about things they love. And when they say that they hope they would go on doing something forever. I never felt such love towards anything. No matter how bad it sounds, at least I don't feel like I have missed any chances. 

Coffee and little sweet treats are what I love, truly.
I bought myself new blue sneakers, which turned out to be super comfortable and perfect for the strolls we are taking nowadays, somehow bored with our old routes.

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