Best fall scents to be found on Etsy. (And discount codes for you!!!)

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Fall has been around for over a month now, but when I first felt it approaching, I began to look for ways to warm myself up from the inside. I drank more and more of hot water with raspberry syrup, which reminds me of sore throat times, because it is a drink that always puts me back on my feet. I began the autumn cleaning, getting rid of things that littered my space, making loads of new room for new memories and feelings. Fall was about to happen right in front of me, all around me. I had to do my best to try to survive it, without getting mud and wind into my heart. 

It is the time of the year that my sinuses & I would gladly just shut ourselves inside of my apartment, light some candles, sip warm tea under a blanket and watch movies until I fall asleep. Each and every part of that ritual needs to be present, to create this unique atmospheare that I adore. So I started searching for candles to match my autumn, slightly depressive state of mind, and maybe make it a little better. I love collabing with different Etsy sellers, and so I did it again this time. I spoke to a few of them and asked them about the most suiting fall scent that they could send me. I wanted to find my favourite, once and for all times. I wanted my routine to be unique and heart warming. The outcome of this was magnificent. I did not expect so many people to love that idea and want to contribute. So here I am today, after a few weeks of candle lightening, when I can really recommend you my faves, tell you how the scents affected my fall routine and what I think it's most perfect for fall. I've got a few discount codes for you too, so you can get a candle or two for yourselves, we've got another month of fall in front of us! I hope you will love those soy candles as much as I do! They are non-toxin and have burning time much longer than the classic paraffin candles. All the opinions in this post are 100% mine!

Swell Festival by Erin Oxnam

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A few weekends ago my friends and I went down to our local beach to see the sculptures at Swell Festival. It’s hosted every year at Currumbin Beach and has some amazing creations that artists work on all year.

I’ve only been down to see it one other time two years ago and I was really happy with the pictures I took with my Zenit EM-1. Since then, I’ve become quite acquainted with my Pentax ME Super and wanted to test it out to see how the pictures held up against the ones from 2013.

The art of writing letters by Tina Sosna

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hi, I'm Tina Sosna, a 22 year old analog photographer from a little town in the heart of Germany. About six years ago I started my blog where I show my life and love to nature in self portraits and that's also the place where I hold the beauty I see in people or the world in general in photographs.

But beside photography I always enjoyed to write letters. Since I was about 9 I tried to keep up friendships with people from cities more far away trough handwritten letters. At this point I had no idea that this love would grow so much with time. With starting my photography blog I also got the chance to get in touch with many people around the world. And not only in the digital world. Soon, people I've always looked up to on the internet, started to become my penpals..

How to grow your social media following

Saturday, 17 October 2015

I have always considered interaction with other users the crucial part of getting feedback and good following count. Holidays, where I could lay back and browse through my favourite tags on Instagram, because I actually had time to do this, were my most successful days. 
I strongly believe that once you create content that you are proud of, or you are improving gradually, the key is to get out there, in front of people who might be interested by it. 
How can they find you if you don't try? In a world where millions of people post their works on Instagram or update Twitter on daily basis, how can you be found? The good following numbers are not just numbers. Sure they can be used to pitch a brand you were always wanting to work with - and they might actually help. But they also mean more and more people enganging with you, commenting your work, letting you know what they love and what they don't.

Archie is the web app that I found recently. Just a little over a week ago, a friend at Peony's Project recommended it to us. A free three day trial began and at the end of it I already knew I wanted more. Are you curious what is it all about and why it got me so excited in the first place? Read on!

Embroidery by Ania Margoszczyn

Thursday, 15 October 2015

I love to wander around with my camera, and usually all my blogposts are about places I visit, but this time I'll tell you a bit about something else.

I am a big fan of all kinds of handmade stuff, I follow dozens of painters, knitters, jewellery makers, and I usually I also like to try everything myself (although I don't have much talent for any of those crafts). Last year when I lived in Budapest, I came across the work of an amazing japanese embroidery artist Yumiko Higuchi. My first thought was - I would love to have something made by her, and then I thought - I'd love to try embroidery too! So I went to the nearest sewing shop, found a hoop and some floss (which was actually not that easy, as I had to learn all the tricky names in Hungarian), and that's how it all started.

Indonesia by Diana Rahim (Verkur)

Saturday, 10 October 2015

I was in Bogor not too long ago. The room I was in faced the mountains and the air was clear. I don’t think any two people are looking at the same mountain. I remember how a lady once complained about the way her best friend exclaimed at the beauty of a sunset, gushing about the beauty of life, the earth and spilling with love for humanity. Annoyed, she told her best friend – “why do you have to make everything so spiritual!” She found it a bit much and I found the incident funny, precisely because I am prone to such excessiveness. The lady found the sunset’s beauty in its colours not in projected abstractions; in the way they struck the eye and everything it hits. A beauty from simple reality divorced from the world of spiritual abstraction.

currently October

Thursday, 8 October 2015

e a t i n g
I am currently head over heels in love with the creme soups that my fave bistro is serving. Fall has already hit us hard and days are very cold, mornings especially. Moments when I can get away and eat something that delicious and WARM make my heart happy. They also serve delicious pâté with bread that they make themselves. It is seriously my favourite place in Bialystok - because no matter what I eat there, everything tastes great. If you ever happen to stumble upon our winterland, go to Baristacja.

e x p l o r i n g
I do not have time to do any exploring apart from exploring people's oral cavities... Alright, for those who got scared by me just saying it. I am a student of the fourth year of dentistry and we are treating patients more frequently than during the previous years. It is both exciting and scary, but I think it is getting easier each time. 

w e a r i n g
I managed to buy that one skirt that I longed for since I saw it back in August - unfortunately I got discouraged to wear it so far, because I am not sure what to pair it up with so I do it justice. It is really pretty, in a perfect color for fall, also just the right lenght. Studying daily makes my mind worn out and undecisive. 

And in just 20 days... I am getting BRACES on. This is what excites me! I will make a separate post about it, my motivation, selected treatment, how I prepare myself for two years of being a braceface. I am finally making that move guys! I am so happy!

a d m i r i n g
How beautiful the world is turning at nature's dying point. Of course it is all set to rebirth again in spring, but I have to say fall is taking its fall with a great dose of dignity. I love seeing sun shine down those trees and leaves that swirl in the air for a moment before they land on the ground. It has so much grace. Golden hour happens at 4:30pm now and I have to say it is my favourite moment of the whole day if I am able to experience it.

c o l l e c t i n g
Items for my fall project, which will appear on my blog on the last day of October. I just have to say that I am really excited for you to see it and perhaps use the discount codes that will come with it, so you can spend the rest of fall in a more autumny mood :) I am also browsing for prints that I can finally put up on my wall to make my space more complete. Cannot wait to show them to you after I arrange them all!

Speak soon! I will leave you to the continuation of guest blogger October. New post in two days!

Hello, Autumn by Natalie Hagen

Monday, 5 October 2015

Well friends, it is finally here! Hello, Autumn! This is my favorite season and I am so glad that I can finally embrace it with open arms. The cooler temperatures, the delicious treats, the holidays, and all the fun things you can do in the fall just make me so excited. Today I wanted to share with Dipped in Rococo's readers a few of my favorite things about this beautiful new season.

I love that the days are shorter. I love watching the sunset and paint the sky in a beautiful array of colors as the world quietly slips away into the night. I love having bonfires and roasting marshmallows with friends in the crisp autumn nights, too!

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