their june wedding

Sunday, 29 June 2014

So it happened, my sis got married. I'm ashamed to say I partied too hard at her wedding and coming back here, to write an exam only three days later was a killer. Worst hours of my life in the last few months. It was the very first wedding that I attended. Same with wedding reception, which my sis organised perfectly to the last bit. But I'm going to show you some details the other time. For now let's focus on the preparation part, which took place in our house. My sister's hubby brought some cultural gems with him. There was an actual band playing outside of my house, in my garden, with about two dozens of people waiting for my sister to go out in her wedding dress. My fam & I were speechless. I was only Snapchating those moments to my closest people, afraid they would not believe my words.

Photographing at her wedding was a really stresful experience. I am not fully content with what I got, because my sis is a big supporter of my try at shooting film. I am so happy she finds it beautiful and insisted that I take my camera to her wedding as well. Fortunately, apart from me, there was a professional photographer and also a camera man. Crazy, but supposedly it's the last wedding she's the star of, so alright, let her have all that.

We all had lovely little pink carnations in our hair. At first, few months ago, she asked me to be her bridesmaid, but with all the obligations I have at the university and knowing that perhaps I will appear in Olsztyn a day before it all begins, I sadly refused since I believed she needed a person who could give her so much more than I could, in terms of dress choosing and all the other stuff I would have been too busy for. The wedding day began at 7am, because we were already booked at the hairdresser's and after that we drove back to our house where the makeup artist awaited. CRAZY. And of course I ended up looking like a doll. Quite what I wanted, but I take part in such events so rarely that perhaps I could overdo for once. 

Everything went completely insane when it was only about an hour till the church ceremony was to start. My mum was so stressed out and of course there had to be at least three tries before my sis ended up in her dress, with another thirty minutes of lacing it up.

About the love part. I did not take the camera to the church with me because I found it way too emotional. Sitting in the second row, I could see my sister's hands shaking. And everyone present could hear how P's voice was breaking down when he spoke the vows. Oh my. 

Well, love makes you go mad. It makes you act cuckoo, say things you don't mean to say. Happiness is wanting what you have and love is fearing you could ever experience your life without this other person. So the only thing that comes to my mind when I think of love is 'I do not, ever, want to live a day without loving you.' Silly as it sounds, I know one day I will be out of love. I will miss it like hell. It's crazy to bare your soul like that in front of another person. It's scary, it's irresponsible and maybe, in some cases, just plain stupid. To love, to praise, to trust. But what I had realised a long time ago was that even if for a day, I just need to hold onto it, because once I lose it, a part of me will be gone as well. And I like myself just a little bit more when I'm with you.

Now that I look at those photos, I realize my mum is one gorgeous lady. I wish I looked more like her. The genes are there, I believe. Maybe it's just some generation phenotype leap, I don't know.

Oh, and I will be 21 exactly in a month's time. God dammit.

I'm back!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Having written the last exam of year two of stomatology and with prospects of passing it, it's time for me to come back to real life. Real life, meaning days of book reading and picture taking. I would love to come back to my routine of lomography. Last year I had approximately one roll to be developed each week, so that was definitely a pretty good time for this blog. This year I'm actually struggling to decide what I want to show you, guys. 

I have an awful lot of plans for summer vacations of 2014. Remember Prague last year? (The essence of Prague in pictures) It was a blast, certainly. So this year we will try to think further and go somewhere else. Which makes me really excited, cause I can only dream of the rolls I could get developed after a trip to Budapest, Barcelona or any other place in our beautiful Europe. I've got dozens ideas in my head on where to go next. 

I am extremely happy to have welcomed some new people in my life, and the way how people bond over both similarities and differences is amazing. I was always afraid of seeing personalites clash, but now I realize that giving people a chance is actually the only way for your life to be a little better, one coffee or meeting at a time. 

The past few weeks were hell. I mean they pretty much sucked the life out of me, so I just need to take some time off from thinking. I want to watch pointless dramas and eat as much pizza as I can. I want to stay home and cook spaghetti, with Thieving Magpie in the background, since it's basically something you'd call a perfect spaghetti cooking melody. Yes, I do take a lot of my thoughts from Murakami. Speaking of which, I hope by that time tomorrow I will have been a happy owner of his newly published first novels. Once I get it and spend some quality 1 on 1 time with it in my bathtub, you will surely have a post about it coming. I read his latest Tsukuru Tazaki book earlier this year and it was something that deserves some comment on here as well. A book actually pretty controversial since you either hate it or you love it. 

Food and coffee were some pretty serious partners of mine the last term. I even thought of making some Randomly delicious post, because Katie got me inspired on that one as well (head over there to see some deeeelicious treats she was having recently). 

Where are you going for your summer holidays? Is it by any chance anywhere near Poland? :) I promise that I will speak to you very very soon. I am not leaving you until the uni starts again in October, so prepare yourself for photography and lots of rambling. Let's settle things this way, what you can expect from dipped in rococo is a new post each 4-5 days. I want to show you how my sister's wedding looked like. There is one final post coming where I'm going to dwell upon how my life changed in that academic year and what I want to do with it next. Oh and in a month's time I will be 21 years old. That's tragic, but there will be post for that occasion as well. Hugs and kisses, your Kasia.

what diet?

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

H e l l o  J u n e and hopefully hello to the last 4 weeks of studying this academic year. Fingers crossed.

I have always been pretty keen on sweets. Ever since I started studying dentistry, I learned that they're not that bad, as long as you eat a lot, all at once. Ahh, music to my ears. I have always  l o v e d  sweets. And this is why my dating choices look the way they do. I couldn't go any sweeter at this point, truly. Oh sweet goddess of Nutella! :)

It's too obvious to state what Mr Pancake serves. I had wanted to visit them for a couple of months till I finally ended up on Solec, in Warsaw. It was at the end of the day, after a few hours of frying ourselves in Lazienki Park, listening to Chopin (go to the actual post), so sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. I still find myself quite anxious when photographing in a small space like that, with all those judgy eyes.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know it's being flooded with pictures of food. Food, almost the happiest part of my daily routine. I'm spending waaay too much on it, as I was forced to download some finance and budget organising app for my phone. Damn, it's gone too far.

My love says it's too soon to write sum-up posts with the exams still happening and no knowledge on whether I'll pass or not, so I will try my best to avoid that. It's alright to say that I've grown closer with some new people and even fonder of others that were already in my life. Funny to see myself bonding, really. I'd always thought I was not the type. This is why I find it hard to even think of going home. There's some intimacy to this city & I. The way its streets embrace me, the air kisses my cheeks each morning. I will miss anything and everything. That's why staying here for the whole July sounds amazing, it does. I'm coming back home this weekend, for my sister's wedding (first wedding in my life, should be exciting, but I guess I am too tired to cherish this opportunity properly), and then I will be back in Bialystok for Patomorphology exam that takes place on the 10th. Please, keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?

I wouldn't exchange you for anything, ever. Even a box full of Nutella, even though I know if the choice was yours, you'd already have your fingers dipped in chocolate. Thank you for everything.

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