little zoo trips

Monday, 9 February 2015

Time to do spontaneous things. To sometimes get up in the late morning, notice beautiful sun outside and go for a walk in the park. Now that we live in the city centre, we got to walk the prettiest lanes and even visited the zoo on our Sunday noon walk. There was also a running marathon held in the park at that time. The sky was clear blue, there was some chill in the air, as we walked and photographed. It's going to be a pretty long post and full of deer, you have been warned! :) Also, before I forget, I set up a facebook page for my blog, so you can guys be updated this way, "like" this way

making the move

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The move finally took place and it left me happier than I had expected. Finally the things that we worked on for the last month or so were there to occur in real life. I feel so bad for leaving you with no news nor new photographs for so long! :) I have been secretly shooting a new roll of film, stocking myself up for the weeks to come, and organising my new space with items, fresh flowers and positive energy and love and motivation to keep moving forward.

I also started craving for a new camera, not sure whether I will give in or not... I am more than falling for tulips this year. They are still somehow weak, as the cold makes them shrink and it takes few hours in my room for them to open up and show their beauty. I love having fresh flowers on my desk. Desk big enough to stock everything I need. Few things still need to be taken care of, and let me assure you, there will be loads of picture taking in the process. It's the time guys! New making it cosy posts are coming. 

Having to find myself in that new room, I tried to do it by decorating it all myself. One of my favourite new items would be those tree bookends, that hold my books steady and in a beautiful way. They were manufactured in Ukraine by Design Atelier ARTICLE, whom I might be helping with their new online store (so so exciting!). They have dozens of choices when it comes to bookends, but I felt like something delicate like those trees would be the best pick for my new white and blue room. This fox model was the close second choice though.
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