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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hi there!
Last year I told you that spending money while being on holiday is my weak point. Well it certainly is. Not in a way anyone would think. Hungary was no different. I tried to spend money wisely. We bought essentials (and wine of course) and at last started to look for extra stuff, like keepsakes for our families and little treats for ourselves too :)

Once we were back in my apartment in B, we got everything out on my bed and I photographed those little souvenirs thoroughly. We came back with:

- a letter from hotel's manager Kate, which was a nice addition to the whole stay (a drawing of a dinosaur came along with it, which was a personal request of A)
- maps, transport tiquets, all sight-seeing info.
- a fridge magnet for my sis
- national gallery stuff, postcards of Budapest and art, a notebook that will be my new diary
- A brought a Tokaji Aszu (4) fairly famous Hungarian wine
- some plum Palinkas (which are sweets filled with their 60% vodka, pretty serious stuff, I am telling you...) for our friend P, who lent us her bag for the trip and some marzipan treats as well.
- I brought 6 films with me, which left me with dozens of memories of that beautiful city

And last, but not least, just when I was left with about 1/2 of my budget, we decided to go to a Lush store that we spotted sometime during sight-seeing. Lush is a cool brand with eco-friendly, not animal tested, cosmetics which I always wanted to try but could not, since it's not available in Poland. Not to go into details, we got two bathing bombs (used them both already!) and got familiar with the rest of their products, thanks to a lovely and English speaking sales girl.

Damn, I have no idea what happens, but when I am abroad I am definitely not a spender and in my everyday life it's just so hard to stop buying. Seriously.

What is a thing that you always bring from your journeys/vacations? :)


  1. That soap bomb looks so... lush! (yeah it's a bit obvious, but I just had to say it :D)

    Ever since I started to fly with low cost airlines I've been purchasing fewer souvenirs, so I mostly always buy postcards (the ones from the museums being my favourites) and sweet treats that come in small boxes ;)

  2. I got the same problem when I am abroad :) I always buy postcards and a lot of regional food :)

  3. You picked up lots of nice stuff! I always like to shop for clothes when I'm travelling.

  4. okay, seriously.. your photography. good gracious, it's amazing. and that sounds like an absolutely brilliant trip, i adore traveling..

  5. It's usually food that I buy. ♥ Your trip sounds exciting!

  6. Your selection of souvenirs is too good! Especially the food and Lush goodies, haha.

  7. Memories are the best souvenirs :).

  8. I hardly ever spend money on souvenirs, either... One thing I need to have is a tacky fridge magnet (oh yes), and if I'm in a country where you can get film for a good price, I will get several rolls. Film is really expensive here in Finland!

    I'm glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment so I could find my way here. Such a lovely blog you have, and the photos are amazing. I really need to shoot film more often - maybe now I will finally be inspired to develope my own film... I have the developing kit (except for the chemicals) but haven't tried it yet!

  9. dziękuję bardzo!
    z wielką przyjemnością wróciłam do Budapesztu poprzez Twoje piękne zdjęcia z ostatnich wpisów:)

  10. Thank you for your comment ;)
    Amazing photos! I always buy a lot of postcards :)


  11. i always spend too much money for food :D

  12. Tokaji jako obowiązkowa pamiątka z Węgier :D

  13. Postcards, definitely, and mostly stuff of the paper variety. And film filled with memories, of course. Yours was a good haul! :)

  14. Budapeszt jest piękny, chciałabym tam jeszcze kiedyś powrócić...
    Pozdrawiam znad polskiego morza:)


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