Visiting Mocak - Modern art gallery in Krakow

Monday, 22 February 2016

While in Cracow, we visited a bunch of galleries, because most of the usual exhibitions are now available at a reduced price for students, what a cool perk! Modern Art Gallery called MOCAK is the first one that I will be talking about and sharing some photos.

What caught my eye immediately after we left our coats in the cloakroom were the exhibits that we could see in the main corridor of the gallery, before even entering the exhibition part of the building. Guess it is all one big piece of art. There were vending machines standing in the hall, each of them in different color, filled with canned drinks of some kind. As I came closer, it struck me that it was indeed an art piece "Satisfaction Guaranteed" by Joanna Rajkowska, a provocative work involving vending machines with elements of her body for symbolic consumption.Each drink type was something unusual. Representing a human need, things somehow so appealing, yet sadly not achievable by some liquid in a can. That was a very cool project in my opinion. "melon flavored drink with an extract from the retina, strenghtening the vision. edition limited to 500 cans."

there's something about these movies (1)

Monday, 15 February 2016

Every now and then I stumble upon some wonderful works of film makers. A few of the recent ones that I've found are based upon people's anxieties. Some were there to make my days a little more brighter. One is an exceptionally beautiful piece about having a soul of a traveller. So I've decided that every few weeks, I will be showing you one of those movies. It's not going to be long, just a moment of your time. Hopefully by doing so, you will get to know some new amazing directors and experience the ideas behind those videos. So here we are today with the work of Paul Trillo that caught my eye on my facebook feed today. Thank you for sharing Natalie! :) I share so many thoughts with the main character, scary.

If you watched it and liked it, why not share this post onto facebook or twitter, so other people can see it? Let's share the love for short movies full of inspiration! Your K.

travel diary: kraków

Friday, 12 February 2016

You know what indicates you have just had a great trip? When you come back home and all you want to do is to start planning another one. 

This is honestly the first photo I have taken in that amazing city. It wasn't well thought over, just a capture of the first thing my eyes saw when I entered the Main Square of Krakow. See the wall on the left? I just refused to wait until we pass it by completely. As always the camera that accompanied me was Canon AE-1 Program and photos in this post were shot with Agfa Vista 200 film, Fuji X-tra 400 & Kodak Ultramax 400.

We did a bunch of things during that trip. We visited a Cat cafe, oh what a horrendous experience.  We did lots of sight seeing and museum visiting, which I loved. We grabbed Japanese fast food - takoyaki, which are made from batter and squid - also called Octopus balls :) I finally saw the Lady with an ermine painting, which is a life must see I guess. I will definitely split the whole story into a few posts at least! So if you are interested, click the read more and let's start!

before travel thoughts

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tomorrow I am going to Cracow to spend a couple of days there. Weird, but I don't feel too adventurous at the moment. I keep wondering whether I am even capable of pulling it off like that. Anyway. It's going to be another point on the map that I'd have explored. I want to make a promise myself to shoot, shoot and shoot some more. We'll see how it goes. This little post is so I don't leave you here with no goodbye. It will take some time until I develop new film, so it may be over a week until you hear from me again. You're more than welcome to check out my other social media, as I am pretty active on Twitter and Instagram nowadays. So if you are from Cracow and you would like to hang out during my stay there, contact me via those media for the most immediate response. 
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