where it all comes from

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I have no idea where it all comes from. The wanderlust building up gradually over the months, the desire to be some place new, take a walk at sunrise and have a coffee in one of those little cafes. It makes me tired to want all of those things, when my luxury nowadays is sleep or time with my love. I'm sure lots of you have traveled further and to places more beautiful, but I feel like each year I keep adding something valuable to my traveling experience. I can't be sure that this time anything new will be given to me, but one can hope, of course. And spend hours scrolling up and down the cheap flights options...

The photograph above is a picture of myself, taken by a friend, who also loves analog photography. It's fun to become a model for once in awhile. Sure it's easier to be behind the camera, give directions, look for a better light. Harder to face the idea of your own face framed in a 35mm film, happening on a pizza outing, when you have no makeup at all. But you pose anyway, holding the white menu as a diaphragm. Basically, that post is just a little treat that I wanted to show you, because I have grown very fond of that frame. Thank you once again, Janek! :) 

Soon enough new rolls will be developed and you will see results of my new lens in action. In the meantime, I will keep fighting the imperfections, think of how to portray some of my future models and grab a bowl of spaghetti carbonara, since we cooked it this afternoon and it tastes so delicious my stomach keeps screaming for more. I love you guys, thank you for reading on! 

sooner or later

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Relationships with people are fragile. Sometimes all it takes it's a shift of light and you realize nothing will ever be the same. Maybe I should look closer at the way their pupils react, and the faces change to avoid future disappointments. Wish I could hear thoughts, read their expressions like open books. From time to time I feel so extremely frustrated that I have to be around anyone. My fists clench at the thought of things that people hide from each other. Now I am sure that they will eventually come right back at you, vicious, out for blood.

morning blues

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Every minute in the morning is like a godsend. I always feel incredibly lucky if I wake up earlier than I should have and I realize I have a blessing of another twenty or so minutes in my bed. Feeling the warmth, the calm, the kindness of the sheets against my skin. But then the reality happens and we all have to get up sometime. I love sleeping, I love sleeping next to you and the way you fight the monsters under my new bed, which continuously steal my socks when you're not here.

Almost half of March and my soul is already rushing towards vacation planning. I'm a silly little girl, always wanting to jump onto that one plane that will take me far away to places full of inspiration and life. I always come back to the thoughts of Prague and the photos I took there, and how happy they made me afterwards. I want to feel those feelings again.


Saturday, 7 March 2015

If somebody told me, life was boring, I certainly would not agree. I might have my certain routines, I might be surrounded by the same people most of the time, but life is like a good restaurant, changes its menu, so the clients want more. Life has been serving me with all kinds of good and bad experiences. I have fallen apart with some people, fret about the future once again, been surprised finally learning the truth. I have a lot on my plate right now. I am also planning new photography projects, which "just" require new lens, new film and probably a slightly new outlook on photography, because I plan on making it all black and white. Oh and it requires models too... One day I might have my own little studio, who knows. I have developed a new roll a few days ago and I definitely have some things to show you, so please keep visiting, even though I am terrible at writing with consequence. 
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