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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Hello New Year! I am excited to welcome you at last. // We actually welcomed 2016 three days ago in Gdansk with my high school friends and their pals. I thought I would meet you here for a little talk. Gdansk was exceptionally beautiful on the first day of the new year, though its cold (-10 degrees of Celcius) made us wish for a cup of hot coffee or chocolate. We strolled the streets of the city as friends would. We smiled and laughed, took photos too. There was thirteen of us on the New Year's Eve and seven on the walk the day after (I was the odd single one obviously). In today's post I would like to show you some of the never seen on this blog photos, because I featured them on my Instagram only. If you want to check out my Instagram, please do! :) This post will be full of non-analog photos, which I snap with my iPad when I don't have my camera at the moment or want to upload something fast without having to worry about shooting the whole roll. 

First photo is of my friend AJ with whom I became friends after we sat together in the history class in high school. She has a heart of gold and now also the most helpful man I have ever met as her boyfriend. // Second photo is of the centre of Gdansk's Old Town with the Neptune's Fountain on the left and gorgeous tenament houses on the right. // Third is view of the Motława River.

I have always featured a lot of analog related photos there. For example a new roll of some professional film that I'd just finished or my beloved Canon. Film stock was pretty always featured too, so you guys could get a hint of what I might be using next. I must say that these were always my most liked photos. 2015 was a year where I used almost only my Canon AE-1 Program. I completely fell in love with it and can now recommend it for sure! 

I survived a family meeting last year, even though at first I shivered at the thought of it. It didn't go smoothly, but I got some motivation to treat blood bonds more seriously. 

Dear A, you were such a huge part of my last year. I truly hope you will be present in it in 2016 too. I loved the times we tested new restaurants together and critisised almost all of them. I know the amount of words I wrote about you on this blog would never be sufficient. Yet I need to say, you were always at the back of my head when I wrote those posts. Please, still be my best friend.

I spent my summer mostly at home. Home did not mean boring though. When A came for a visit, we went kayaking for the first time in my whole life. Yes, I was born in a city with 16 lakes, but I had never done it before. Here's to first times then! I also made some kind of a peace with book reading.

Trip of the year was Wroclaw during the summer. I made two big posts about Wroclaw and our time there. One is about the dwarves hunt (link), the other is a general post about what you can do in this city, based on what we did and enjoyed (link). Who knows, I might even live in that city one day. After that trip I couldn't think of many reasons not to.

The move was the biggest struggle of January 2015. I cannot believe one year passed since we moved into that new apartment, which is now my second home. Place where I love my working space, where I can go for a Sunday walk to the park and sleep in that comfy bed. I wouldn't do it if it wasn't for my friends. I wouldn't do it without my love. That's for sure. We even carried my old rug through the city centre! Crazy. Not weird at all. I remember my first self-made meal in the new apartment (with A of course). Thai chicken with coconut milk and yellow curry. I obviously took a photo of it and it landed on my Instagram. Cool times. So not predictable and scary, but cool. Those were also the times of drinking new types of beer, analog talks and getting to know my new flatmate, Monika.

Anyway, those were some of the non-analog memories of 2015. The fact is, my life is mostly about analog these days, but when I don't shoot analog, I try not to disappoint anyways. Thank you for reading and I'll talk to you soon! Have a splending start to the new year! :)

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