it's complicated

Friday, 15 January 2016

It's complicated. This is how I would describe my life at this point. I feel so utterly tangled up in things, I no longer know where I am headed. Although from time to time, I can picture myself in that cosy apartment, with the Nutcracker score playing in the background. Light, big interiors that over the years I would have filled with my things and my loving. Smell of baked apple pie. A fluffy cat sleeping on my knees. But once again, I bet if I ever have a cat, it will be mean and it will end up hating me. And I will call it weird names like Mr Jinggles or something connected with food or worse, dentistry, as I originally wanted. The Nutcracker and other of Tchaikovsy's works will always remind me of my childhood years. The happy and clueless times. 

The highlight of the last week is definitely the roll of film that I shot during a break from studying on Sunday. Thank you M, for posing! Calm, feminine, subtle. Something that I would like to capture nowadays. I somehow love how soft those photos turned out to be.  And it makes me more and more eager to listen to classical music and create, featuring other people too. The tattoos in the photos are fake, don't worry. I somehow loved them being both removable and connected with coffee. The formula that we put on M's neck is actually fairly similar to caffeine's formula. And it's only one for the many sets that Kresky offers. And now that it's coffee topic, have you ever tried Kopiko? I am seriously addicted to that stuff nowadays!

I am living in my more less happy bubble. Don't get me wrong, I am stressed. All of the time. And my heart related stuff is not solved too. But I am very motivated to let it just go the way it should. Coming back to stuff I am actually sure of and can talk to you about it openly - from 3rd until 6th of February, I will be in Cracow. So if you want to meet me for a coffee or photowalk, please contact me, as I would love to hang out with you! Or if you are too shy to meet me, please just recommend me some place to go to, fun things to do or spots to photograph. Leave a comment down below or contact me on my social media.

Out of the things that I am really excited about at this point I have to say my most favourite ones are Cracow trip, winter break and the X-files! What are three things that you're excited about in the forthcoming weeks?? :)

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