If we were on a coffee date I

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Thanks to Allie, I got introduced to this fun linkup by Heartnatured, which is a perfect way for me to share my thoughts over a cup of virtual coffee, are you ready? That's a first for me!

If we were on a coffee date, I would tell you how much I am relieved to finally have some time off after this semester is officially over for me. That perhaps the cold, that I currently have, found me just in the right time, when I spend days under my blanket, waiting until the sleep falls on me. I hate colds. My sinuses hate colds. They somehow strip me off of every desire that I have in my mind.

I would tell you that in January I have done some work as a Local Exchange Officer of International Association of Dentals Students, which got me very interested in doing some travelling this next summer myself. I am currently looking into my options of exchange to Spain, if the language doesn't get in the way. I would love to live in Madrid or Barcelona for a few weeks. I feel like that would give my life and thinking some perspective. And certainly, this blog and my camera would love it too. This is crucial, as I always try to please those two as much as I want to please myself. Then I'd take another sip off our delicious caffeine treat and continue my stories.

I would definitely mention how my fourth year of dentistry is going. Or tell you how I managed to suture up the patient's gums after I extracted that first tooth on Monday this week. Which is a perfect example of how live needs us to take risks and shine through our fears. Ohh and I finally started to have two patients every Tuesday in my Restorative Dentistry clinic class. About the time, right?

How about the braces, you may ask. I have been wearing them for three months now. Time passes just so quickly. Day to day, I didn't even notice when my lower arch lined up almost perfectly. I definitely feel more beautiful now. It's like my biggest flaw is finally fixed. I will be forever thankful that my parents gave me an opportunity to have it. No matter at what age. If I were to save up for it myself, I would wait until I was in mid-thirties.

Also, I'd say, it has been one year since I moved into a new apartment with my new flatmate Monika. Changes were scary to approach, by much needed and made everything so much better in the end. If you are ever scared of changes, dear, just think it over and don't be afraid of taking chances.

I would tell you that I am still scared at times, but I try to change it in myself, and re-invent myself this year. I no longer want to feel like with dentistry I am not in my element. I want to find this work challenging and developing me. Two weeks ago, A sent me this image she found on the internet awhile ago. It is incredible how much this fits me, how my heart feels that this is the right path. We might not be the perfect people for the job, but we ought to try and try to achieve the level of perfection that we desire. I would show you this picture on my phone, since it's now on every background on every item that I own. I fell in love with that little pug. I hope he will inspire you the way he did with me. 

See you soon on our another coffee date!


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