my short goodbye to 2015

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Apart from the very big title I feel like I don't have that much to say about 2015. I was nothing close to what I had imagined myself to be this year and for that I am so sorry. I was supposed to write more, love sufficiently, be a great friend. Somehow I fell down from the pedestal and became a person who did none of the above. I'm sorry. I tried. I tried to make myself the best I could be. But once it started to pile up lying to myself and acting not the way I felt like I should, it became too much. I took a huge break from blogging. I had stuff to focus on. I've gone through a breakup that still leaves me hanging, to be quite honest. I have so much on my plate right now, but at times I forget about that and smile at life anyway. Well again, that's life, it happens, right? I want to give you one advice though. Don't ever imagine what you don't want to become, because life might give you just that. Maybe with slightly different appearance, finishing touches. But you might end up being so close to what you've disliked. Just don't give yourself that. Spare it, honestly. Now on the positive side...

some things that I've managed to accomplish in 2015.

↟ I bought myself a computer with money I had saved from my scholarship.

↟ I nailed that one exam that I really wanted to nail and got the highest score out of the whole year.

↟ I gave up that stupid habit of nail biting after 22 years of doing so.

↟ Over 3000 followers on Instagram. I'd say I want 8k till 2017 starts.

some things I fucked up in 2015

↟ My almost two years long relationship (!)

some things I want to do in 2016

↟ See if I can repair up the damage that I've done to people I love and myself

↟ Visit at least 7 new cities. I've seen people joining that fb event which said "52 cities in 2016". Well I don't have high hopes, hah. 7 might be achievable though.

↟ Make that wordpress transfer and domain purchase. Finally.

↟ Driving license.

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