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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Fall has been around for over a month now, but when I first felt it approaching, I began to look for ways to warm myself up from the inside. I drank more and more of hot water with raspberry syrup, which reminds me of sore throat times, because it is a drink that always puts me back on my feet. I began the autumn cleaning, getting rid of things that littered my space, making loads of new room for new memories and feelings. Fall was about to happen right in front of me, all around me. I had to do my best to try to survive it, without getting mud and wind into my heart. 

It is the time of the year that my sinuses & I would gladly just shut ourselves inside of my apartment, light some candles, sip warm tea under a blanket and watch movies until I fall asleep. Each and every part of that ritual needs to be present, to create this unique atmospheare that I adore. So I started searching for candles to match my autumn, slightly depressive state of mind, and maybe make it a little better. I love collabing with different Etsy sellers, and so I did it again this time. I spoke to a few of them and asked them about the most suiting fall scent that they could send me. I wanted to find my favourite, once and for all times. I wanted my routine to be unique and heart warming. The outcome of this was magnificent. I did not expect so many people to love that idea and want to contribute. So here I am today, after a few weeks of candle lightening, when I can really recommend you my faves, tell you how the scents affected my fall routine and what I think it's most perfect for fall. I've got a few discount codes for you too, so you can get a candle or two for yourselves, we've got another month of fall in front of us! I hope you will love those soy candles as much as I do! They are non-toxin and have burning time much longer than the classic paraffin candles. All the opinions in this post are 100% mine!

P.F. Candle Co. sent me their Campfire candle all the way from LA. They also included a few of smaller candles in different scents for me to try. Spiced Pumpkin being my favourite one, definitely! It even attracted my flatmate as she as passing my room, and she admitted it as a truly autumn smell. Campfire reminds me of a smell of fires we made with my family during fall, when my dad would set up a fire in our garden. We would burn the fallen leaves there. I remember myself staying close yet not so close, so the ashes would not land on my jacket. I love the dark colored glass that this candle was poured into. It has this jar like feel to it.

Be fast because the discount code is valid  until November 11th! :)

I asked all of the sellers I contacted to pick their favourite fall scent for that project. Aziza from Nuary Boutique sent me her "Be still" composition of white tea and ginger. I foundthis smell to be very unique among the others that I received. It is soft and delicate, not overwhelming. It is a candle that could be always lit up in the background of your daily life.

Campfire Marshmallow was the sweetest smell that arrived to my door thanks to this project. Packed in a beautiful aluminium box. I seriously couldn't wait for that one evening, when I could finally sit down and light it up. I love how it filled my space with the tones of marshmallow sweetness. Macy, the owner of Beswick Candle Co., was so kind too! Her candles are unique because they have this natural wood wick, that while burning makes this little noise of a campfire.

Yana from AromaSoy was one of the best people to collaborate with! She was also very excited about that post and my photographs. She sent me two of her scents. First one, from a limited edition of fall glass containers - Pumpkin Spice, which is just a perfect smell for fall, since we all love Pumpkin Spice Latte, don't we? The second one was Fallen Leaves, I was very excited about that one. It has this very specific scent, reminding of the rainy days, when you can wear your Wellingtons and explore the city with the fallen leaves under your feet.

To sum up! 
AromaSoy Candles | Fallen Leaves, Pumpkin Spice | get 15% off using "FALL2015" (exp.12/31)
Beswick Candle Co. | Campfire Marshmallow
Nuary Boutique | White tea and Ginger | get 15% off using "MYCANDLE" (exp. 7/11)
P.F.Candles Co. | Campfire | get 10% off using "DESERTLODGE" (exp. 11/11)

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