The art of writing letters by Tina Sosna

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hi, I'm Tina Sosna, a 22 year old analog photographer from a little town in the heart of Germany. About six years ago I started my blog where I show my life and love to nature in self portraits and that's also the place where I hold the beauty I see in people or the world in general in photographs.

But beside photography I always enjoyed to write letters. Since I was about 9 I tried to keep up friendships with people from cities more far away trough handwritten letters. At this point I had no idea that this love would grow so much with time. With starting my photography blog I also got the chance to get in touch with many people around the world. And not only in the digital world. Soon, people I've always looked up to on the internet, started to become my penpals..

And since then I love to update my lovelyenvelopes shop with new things like notebooks, postcards, sticker or vintage poster with wooden frames. I'm excited to share my inspiration with you! I love how personal hand written letters are and how special you can make them. It's something unique in this fast living world that brings you smiles when you open your post box and makes you feel that someone really has taken the time to share there deepest thoughts with you.

Beside my words I also like to share my favourite reciepes, photos and leafs I found in my daily life, songs and movies that matter to me... it can be anything really. But I was always looking for nice stationery that could fit to my style of letter writing. Also many people started to become interested in my letters and wanted to write with me. But sadly it was not always possible to create meaningful letters for anyone that was interested. So I thought why not making my own stationery and share them with others in a little online shop?

The idea of my shop lovelyenvelopes came to live. I spent long nights with cutting and folding envelopes and packing my first orders.

I started to make own illustrations for my envelopes and also made my first letter writing sets soon.

With time I uploaded more and more products, because I had so many ideas in my head that I wanted to share with everyone else that loves paper, snail mail and a mix of nature, simplicity and old things. I also started to combine little things into special and individual packages. I recieved an enormous support from everyone that ordered something! I got little notes with the order or even letters and packges from people that wanted to thank me for the things I create. It made me so happy to make people feel that way with stationery.

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