About surviving and about fall.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Do you know how I managed to survive the first month of fall?
{succesfully staying very true to myself}

I drank as much coffee as I should have.
Just for the taste of it. Not even because I needed an extra energy boost to stay up during the nights. I sort of gave up on going out to get coffee, although it required alot of self-restraint, because so many times I caught myself thinking of getting that one cup on my way home from groceries grabbing. I would always think that it might be few coins closer to my dream vacation or new phone. It helped!

I began working on new projects.
In late September I got so many new ideas on how I would like to build up some community around this blog. Of course I turned to Etsy sellers first, because I very much enjoyed working with some in the past. Quickly after that the packages started to arrive at my door, which required more photos being taken each day! Soon enough (next week to begin with) I will be showing you the second of the collaborations with those great people! Discount codes are coming too! This is exciting. Check out my first collab- BEST FALL SCENTS TO BE FOUND ON ETSY.

I dressed appropriately for the weather.

This is what my mum would always tell me, to wear warm clothes when the fall hits. This is when I realised that half of my wardrobe is made of fall/winter sweathers. This is insane. I made a promise to myself to actually stop buying those. To be quite honest, I did not have any time to go shopping anyway since dentistry keeps me exceptionally busy this year.

I made new blogging friends.
And the paid ad spots got sold one after another! It became so real to have people actually supporting me and feeling the growth of this blog. For now I have a variety of sponsoring options. You can check them all out if you want - they are listed over here. 

My October sponsors:
Sabra of Becoming a Gilbert ǀ who runs a lifestyle blog where she cultivates family and love in a beautiful way. I especially loved the getting your family to the table project, that she is a part of :)  
Janiece of Culture in Theory ǀ who writes beautiful slightly documentary posts about culture, travelling and food! Janiece was very interactive and we shared multiple mails about what we think and how we approach growing our blogs. It was fun!

I focused on raising my social media following.
My Instagram rates went up by 40% during two weeks of my new social media approach. Just wow! Twitter is also holding up pretty good 50% more followers after such time. I am slowly starting to think that perhaps everything is possible.

I gave up biting my nails after 22 years!
This is  a huuuge success of mine.
If you know me in personal life you must have noticed my obnoxious hands. This is something I was always ashamed of. Something boys would always mention after the relationship was over, to hurt me. It was the type of behaviour that I woul fall for when I was stressed about something, so perhaps all of the time... I tried everything. Painting my nails with color, painting my nails using that nasty tasting nail polish, had some sort of fake nails on for a few weeks. Nothing helped. And today I can say that I have finally recovered from that stupid and incredibly annoying habit. There's a long way ahead of me to keep this state a regular, but I will try my best! Thank you Anna for always keeping the watch over me.

H a p p y November guys! I will talk to you soon! :)

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