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Thursday, 8 October 2015

e a t i n g
I am currently head over heels in love with the creme soups that my fave bistro is serving. Fall has already hit us hard and days are very cold, mornings especially. Moments when I can get away and eat something that delicious and WARM make my heart happy. They also serve delicious pâté with bread that they make themselves. It is seriously my favourite place in Bialystok - because no matter what I eat there, everything tastes great. If you ever happen to stumble upon our winterland, go to Baristacja.

e x p l o r i n g
I do not have time to do any exploring apart from exploring people's oral cavities... Alright, for those who got scared by me just saying it. I am a student of the fourth year of dentistry and we are treating patients more frequently than during the previous years. It is both exciting and scary, but I think it is getting easier each time. 

w e a r i n g
I managed to buy that one skirt that I longed for since I saw it back in August - unfortunately I got discouraged to wear it so far, because I am not sure what to pair it up with so I do it justice. It is really pretty, in a perfect color for fall, also just the right lenght. Studying daily makes my mind worn out and undecisive. 

And in just 20 days... I am getting BRACES on. This is what excites me! I will make a separate post about it, my motivation, selected treatment, how I prepare myself for two years of being a braceface. I am finally making that move guys! I am so happy!

a d m i r i n g
How beautiful the world is turning at nature's dying point. Of course it is all set to rebirth again in spring, but I have to say fall is taking its fall with a great dose of dignity. I love seeing sun shine down those trees and leaves that swirl in the air for a moment before they land on the ground. It has so much grace. Golden hour happens at 4:30pm now and I have to say it is my favourite moment of the whole day if I am able to experience it.

c o l l e c t i n g
Items for my fall project, which will appear on my blog on the last day of October. I just have to say that I am really excited for you to see it and perhaps use the discount codes that will come with it, so you can spend the rest of fall in a more autumny mood :) I am also browsing for prints that I can finally put up on my wall to make my space more complete. Cannot wait to show them to you after I arrange them all!

Speak soon! I will leave you to the continuation of guest blogger October. New post in two days!

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