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Monday, 22 July 2013

This is one of those days...when all the people I meet make me pissed off. Those who make the parking lot out of the pavement I'm walking on, or those who can not even scan the negative, despite working in a camera store. And finally, when a black cat crosses my path, there is nothing else to do but to laugh. I love black cats. A black cat reminds me of some cool moments in my life. The one which is notoriously fed by my neighbours is not even properly black though. No bad luck for me this time, I guess. 

Coming back to a typical lomo topic, actually, I'm not very happy with Lomography 800 iso film. The pictures are grainy and it's not like it takes less light to get good results... I would like to try something new, I have an eye on Kodak Ektar and I think next time I'll give it a try. What are your favourite films? I think you already know what kind of photography I'm into. Would be lovely if you wanted to share your favourites with me under that post! I began a search for a new lens for my beloved Zenit. The one I have now is MC Zenitar-M2s 2/50, which I bought with the camera. I started a new topic at Flickr's Russian Cameras group, which helped me the last time (THANK YOU GUYS!) so I'm just going to wait till someone more experienced replies. 

I took A to my favourite place ever - a really peaceful spot close to where I live - where you can basically reach the middle of the lake with the water level still below your waist. It's perfect for photoshooting, admiring and silly jumps!

My twisted logic tells me that spending yesterday evening in contemplation of the last year, was a very very bad idea. These thoughts come and go more often lately, and are not about just last year, but my whole life. Soon I will turn twenty, and if I ever get lucky, then 25% of my life will be over next Monday. Last 7 priceless days as a teenager. Twenty years of being L’esprit de l’escalier gone just like that?


  1. My favorite film this year has been Agfa Vista 200 asa!
    but usually i buy my film from Shlecker (it's a supermarket,i don't know if you have it in Poland) or Dm market or Rossmann.
    Love your pictures :)

  2. Dziękuję, ja zakochałam się w twoich! <3 Te powyżej są po prostu cudowne. Staram się wstawiać głównie zdjęcia lomo, aczkolwiek w ostatnim poście wstawiłam też takie z Instagrama. ;)

  3. I really like your pictures!

  4. These pictures are super awesome! congratulations not only for that but also for amazing blog! From now on, I am an official follower ;)

    1. THANK YOU <3 I am so happy to hear it! :) Thanks for the follow on Instagram as well! I was happy to follow back ;))


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