Friday, 19 July 2013

1 day 6 hours and 14 minutes since my last caffeine dose. Damn, giving up is tough! Never again will I say that I am free from any addictions. Take today, for instance. Dental office. My hands are all shaking, and I barely manage to keep my eyes open while standing behind the dentist with whom I do my summer practice. I'm praying in my mind that the patient does not notice. He doesn't -- thank God, I'm getting through this awful day without stabbing anyone in the eye with the suction tube.

Filling plastic cups with water, preparing polycarboxylate cement and setting up patient bibs, made ​​me feel very, very special today. At least it was not the next day of standing still and smiling nervously to patients. Imagine there's a woman sitting on the dental chair with some strange equipment in her mouth while having a whitening treatment and you have to act like she doesn't look absolutely hilarious. That's a torture! But to hear from another one that she would like the crowns over the crown-root inlays in her molars to be all shaped like incisors, priceless.
Not a big fan of heterodontism, huh? Our customer might be our king but not to such extend, jeez.

Hello new me, caffeine free.

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