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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

I'm back in my hometown, which gives me a new healthier perspective. I still somehow feel like I'm stuck. I dream of faraway places, long journeys, fascinating architecture and people who awake the best in you and give you a new lease on life. I need that. I wouldn't normally classify myself as a loner -- maybe that is the issue. I'm looking for somebody who will understand without additional explaining. It's important to know someone who lights the fire inside of you. My soul's a traveler, never-resting, rolling, rushing on. So far it's been impossible to find anyone who can keep up a pace or outrun me. Going beyond is my goal for next year. Okay, okay, I'll stop before this post becomes some silly pointless speech.

I sort of forgot about how I had wanted it all to unfold. Keeping my eyes on the prize, not getting distracted, getting what I'd always wanted. A scholarship in the UK. A chance at a life I'd dreamt for myself. I don't intend to whine about how miserable my life is, because I certainly don't see it that way.  I found a new way to express myself and I couldn't be happier about that. That. I don't mean I'm happy about every single fact about my life, but I feel like I have the power to change it. Sooner or later. Change. If not the thing that brings me down then maybe just my attitude towards it.

The White Pepper sent me their magazine (oh so kind of them, thank you!) which I will shoot for you as soon as I get a proper film that will handle the lighting conditions I'm forced to work under. WHICH REMINDS ME. I am still pretty into fashion, just like I was a year ago when I made my first fashion blog. I certainly love what The White Pepper has to offer - really edgy clothes! - I particularly adore their classy, feminine dresses with that summer feel in them. I am such a not girly girl but when I see things like that, I go all goo goo ga ga and curse the fact that my wallet cannot possibly afford a piece.

My sister and her fiance visitied me last week in Białystok, so I wouldn't be myself if I wouldn't have shown them my favourite spot in the city. The wedding is happening next summer, on July 7th, and damn me, but I have no dress nor a guy to accompany me yet. That might pose a problem, but somehow I worry about the dress more. My sis has some serious requirements when it comes to that and so far our fashion tastes don't actually click. It's so nice to know she will be in good hands once she gets married. I must tell you, I love the guy! He's the best she could have stumbled upon. I know they will be happy together, I just know it.


  1. all the best to your sis & her hubby-to-be!

  2. I love your pictures so much <3

    I'm looking for somebody who will understand without additional explaining.
    As am I. Good luck to us both.

    Erin ☂

  3. Where do you live by the way? One of my biggest dreams is to gain a scholarship somewhere in the UK or in Czecs Republic

    1. I live in Poland. Well, the UK is my dream too, but I'm slowly learning the fact that it's one of those dreams that will not come true. Maybe I will manage to move to the UK once I receive my degree, who knows. I just think I generally couldn't afford to be educated there and hell knows what one must achieve to gain an actual scholarship, I might be a nerd but not as big as it's required :)


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