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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tomorrow I am going to Cracow to spend a couple of days there. Weird, but I don't feel too adventurous at the moment. I keep wondering whether I am even capable of pulling it off like that. Anyway. It's going to be another point on the map that I'd have explored. I want to make a promise myself to shoot, shoot and shoot some more. We'll see how it goes. This little post is so I don't leave you here with no goodbye. It will take some time until I develop new film, so it may be over a week until you hear from me again. You're more than welcome to check out my other social media, as I am pretty active on Twitter and Instagram nowadays. So if you are from Cracow and you would like to hang out during my stay there, contact me via those media for the most immediate response. 

I find myself angry that I cannot express myself the right way. I cannot find the right words. I don't know answers to your questions, therefore I keep wondering, and I get lost in my thoughts and questions stay just questions. I certainly know how to mess up and never set things right again. Good work, K.

So right now I don't feel that adventurous. Not as much as I normally do in summer. Maybe it is because I basically never go anywhere during my winter break. My family tradition is to stay in during winter. No skiing or snowboarding experience, sadly. So this is some pretty new stuff for me to consider. 

In 2016 I want to be a better traveller. I learn something new each trip. Now I do bring my own coffee and even a small milk carton. I am certain I will not be eating in restaurants during all of my stay. On my trip's map there are also some convenience stores marked, even a McDonald's as I can't seem to stay away from those. Even with braces on my teeth. I have those little transparent boxes for carrying my shampoo and other things. I'm growing as a traveller, I believe. I also travel more lightly than I used to. 

I will be back and around, hopefully inspired by things I see and people I meet there. I will talk to you soon! 

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