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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The true beauty of this city, even though constantly interrupted by the rush, noise & smell of waste gas, somehow manages to shine through all that. This stay was supposed to mean so much more, but in the end, you don't get to use all the chances you might have. The willingness & eagerness to do that is all that counts. At last, it all ends with a promise of another time. I'm slowly starting to understand my Zenit, although it still surprises me every now and then. It's hard to get over the fact that some of beautiful shots I'd taken, seem to have vanished off the film. Including the ones I wanted to hold onto the most.

Life goes on though and it means new opportunities, new emotions to capture every day. I'm counting on that, mostly because of how much fun I had with the last 24 frames. I remember when I bought my first lomo and when I was choosing the first films to go with it. Expired ones -- I though -- that's how I want my memories to look like. It's not the cheapest hobby in the world, but I sincerely believe the joy makes it all worth, both the money and the wait to have your snaps developed. It takes practice too, ability to find the good light, get the image focused properly (you'll see I was having problems with that) & last but not least -- learn to respect the shots since the number of tries is pretty limited.

The animals, caged yet still incredibly beautiful and graceful, were my priority this time. I went to the Warsaw Zoo with my dad for the first time a couple of years ago. I remember exactly how we strolled down the alleys and had fun. I miss those times. I miss having a real bond with one of my parents. It seems to be gone now. Sometimes I feel like I'm in it all alone, emotionally. It helps me learn how to be humble. More or less :) I'm still pretty mean and unthankful for what I have. Funny, I seem to be meeting my true nature right now. I dyed my hair today. The result? Strawberry blond going on ginger. Incredible.

Like I promised, remember the dead bird I told you about earlier? Of course you do. Don't get me wrong, I'm not your regular psycho. I'm just fascinated by weird things. That's just how unusual I am :)

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