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Thursday, 13 June 2013

There are several places I would take you to if I could and that little spot behind the Branicki Palace is definitely one of them. The whole complex is actually called the Polish Versailles. It is a perfect example of late baroque architecture! Ever since I walked through the gates for the first time I fell in love with every single detail about that place. One of those sunny days I finally had my Zenit with me, so I strolled down the main alley and took a few photos for you so you could see for yourself what I get to experience almost every day. 

My school's office is situated inside of the palace. Along with the library and the reading room as well as Museum of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy, lecture hall and a bunch of rooms which remain a mystery to me. We normally spend most time in the hospital(s) (med school, duh) or nearby buildings, but lucky for me the palace gardens are a shortcut I get to use a lot. I started to stick around some more when I decided to spend my afternoons in the library, studying. Next time I'm taking my Zenit inside, so you can see how beautifully renovated the palace is indoors!

How am I doing? I think I'm fine. I'm trying to deal with stuff, but sometimes I just snap. Just like that. I get all teary and melancholic. I started to listen to more aggresive and louder music to drown the noise of the regrets inside of my head. But like I said, I'm fine. And if I'm really not then I surely will be soon enough. Shortly, I will also be done with my exams which means the start of my summer break. I would do everything not to spend it at home. If it wasn't for the economic reasons I'd have had everything booked by now. Maybe I would have had even packed! It feels as time was just running through my hands like sand. I could be doing so much and then I end up doing so little. It saddens me that I will never go places or meet all the people worth meeting. But then again, I am lucky to have what I have. We all are.

If you ever get to visit Białystok and walk through the beauty which is that garden, please, think of me, as I feel like a part of my soul is forever lost amid those alleys and never to be retrieved.

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