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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Saying goodbye to this city for 3 months will be harder than I expected. Things end, things begin. There is no bigger philosophy to that. It's the right attitude for every situation in your life. Don't let it get to you. Lightly darling, lightly. "It's dark because you're trying to hard. (...) Lightly, lightly – it’s the best advice ever given me…So throw away your baggage and go forward." I miss my city so much, but I am sure I will miss this one the second I get on the bus home. It's funny how you leave home, coming of age, and realize that your soul belongs in all the places you love. All the places that has grown on you. You can't erase memories and those are what partially defines you as the person you are now. A curious case of how I've become this nutcase you got to know. A cathedral od deadbolts. A silly silly girl. Nerdy type. Feeling old but not very wise. 

(a bunch of) T h i n g s  this year has taught me 
about myself, people & the world (s o m e,  the hard way.)

1. I just can't help the Run Forrest, Run escaping my mouth when I see someone running past me. And it's not only when I am drunk enough not to care they might actually hear me.
2. I love herbal liqueur.
3. Estonian movies are actually pretty good. Short movies are even better! (See you later this year, ŻubrOFFka festival! For more than two projections, I promise!)
4. I still suck at ice-skating and I'm still too lazy to take up jogging.
5. Coffee without milk is not acceptable. There is a time and place for decaf coffee. Never and in the trash.
6. I actually feel good wearing dresses. Smock, skater, maxi, anything goes.
7. I have no idea how to manage my finances properly, although I always survive in the end.
8. Nothing mends a broken heart like a box of ice cream. A big box of ice cream. And possibly a marathon of Matrix movies. Possibly.
9. If you keep using analogue cameras in 2013 - people will think you're a hipster.
10. Good alcohol is not a waste of money. Some people are a waste of time though.
11. Ketchup goes with everything. I mean, everything.
12. Croissants + coffee + orange juice =  the best breakfast ever.
13. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong (sometimes).  Murphy's law totally applies.
14. Biophysics is one little shit. Histology is one big shit. 
15. Age is just a number, baby.
16. If you're playing hide and seek with your buddies and you consider an old refrigerator a great hiding place, do not get inside because they will not find you and you will die. 
17. People will check out your legs when you're wearing shorts and some will do it in a very gross way.
18. Warsaw is too hipster for me, but I do enjoy the overpriced coffee at Starbucks.
19. There are people who do good things for others selflessly. (Thanks for the tees, Joseph!)
20. Similar music taste is not enough.
21. Some people are obsessed with their cliques and some just need to know everyone. 
22. If you're going to a worst movies marathon, expecting the films to be any good is foolish. People go there to get drunk and do drugs. Plus of course - to laugh awkwardly, which will give away the fact that they  definitely sniffed or smoked something ten minutes ago. Or they're just mental.
23. If you're sad, playing the nicest thing by kate nash will not make you feel better.
24. It's not true that people sleeping on their stomachs usually get erotic dreams. Sadly...
25. You might actually want to stay sober the night before a long anticipated date. 
26. I still don't know how to distinguish a date from a not-date.
27. Spinach is one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten. Raw salmon comes second.
28. Feeling sand beneath my toes calms me down.
29. If you're going to listen to Taylor Swift, at least turn off the scrobbling.
30. (An advice my friend gave me before I left for university) A l w a y s have money to go get some drinks.
31. Before you buy yourself another skirt that you possibly don't need, think whether you wouldn't like to spend the money on festival tickets.
32. Kings of Leon's Pyro has the perfect pace for a fast walk. Just perfect! 
33. Avoid making connections between your favourite song by your favourite band with someone who will be in your life for 5 minutes. Might ruin the song for you, just sayin'.
34. Redecorating your room while you're hangover? Bad idea, darling.
35. Windowsills are good for everything. Smoking, drinking, sadness naps, reading, stalking your neighbours,... Whichever works for you at the moment.
36. Some people never went beyond the stage of literally being nothing more than an asshole in their embryonic development.
37. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool my best friend, you're dead freakin' meat!
38. Statues make perfect models. At least they make it easier for you to get the focus right.
39. My best friends are here to stay.
40. I am still the same naive girl I was 3 years ago, but parts of me has been altered by the circumstances, places, people, sounds and experiences. I think I've grown up ;)

41.* Never take only black&white films to a concert. You might miss out on some color lights awesomeness along with a fireworks show. Oh regrets!

{double exposure plus trying to photograph in the bulb mode without a tripod, fucking magic.}

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