travel diary: kraków

Friday, 12 February 2016

You know what indicates you have just had a great trip? When you come back home and all you want to do is to start planning another one. 

This is honestly the first photo I have taken in that amazing city. It wasn't well thought over, just a capture of the first thing my eyes saw when I entered the Main Square of Krakow. See the wall on the left? I just refused to wait until we pass it by completely. As always the camera that accompanied me was Canon AE-1 Program and photos in this post were shot with Agfa Vista 200 film, Fuji X-tra 400 & Kodak Ultramax 400.

We did a bunch of things during that trip. We visited a Cat cafe, oh what a horrendous experience.  We did lots of sight seeing and museum visiting, which I loved. We grabbed Japanese fast food - takoyaki, which are made from batter and squid - also called Octopus balls :) I finally saw the Lady with an ermine painting, which is a life must see I guess. I will definitely split the whole story into a few posts at least! So if you are interested, click the read more and let's start!

First of all, yes, I know my photo compositions are not the best, but I sometimes find it hard for feelings not to get in the way of photo shooting. I capture everything on spur of the moment.  If I were to sum up what my favourite locations were I would say the city centre with its beautiful main square and lots of charming alleys, especially with the snow that we got a couple of days. I loved taking photos of those beautiful tenament houses. I basically never travel in winter, so it's safe to say there was never any snow on my travel photos before. Of course it was nothing very convenient to be exploring in a snowy weather, but it was definitely more magical this way and pretty unusual too.

I love how travelling makes you feel alive. Marking more and more dots on your map, exploring, getting to know people in the weirdest places. For example in the apartment that we lived were three separate rooms for people to rent, two Chinese girls happened to be our flatmates and since they had some sort of problems with their room, we offered that they could use our bathroom. At the end of our strange encounter, they said that they were studying in Prague and if we ever get a chance we should come and visit them in return for our kidness. I was really surprised at how things turned around. Prague soon? Why not? I certainly loved it the last time. 

If you love art, then you should definitely visit Cracow. I have decided that I will prepare a separate post for our art adventures in Cracow, but let me just say it already, no matter what kind of art you are a fan of - street art, Religious art, Ancient Greek or Egyptian art, Renaissance, Modern, there is something waiting for you in Cracow in each and every of those types. We gladly saw as much as we could. Of course most of these were not available for picture taking, but some of them were, so I definitely have something to show you! I also finally know that stalking people in art galleries is definitely my thing.

It is definitely a place for food lovers too! We have tried New Zealand burgers, classic Italian cuisine with amazing service at Boscaiola,  and the forementioned Japanese fast food Octopus balls at the Kyoto Takoyaki spot, which were surprisingly delicious! And imagine how many places and incredible cuisines we did not try. I keep saying that we only leave them for another trip to the city of Krakow! Now I'll leave you with some photos. Have you ever been to this city? Would you like to come? Tell me all about your winter destinations of 2016. 

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