Visiting Mocak - Modern art gallery in Krakow

Monday, 22 February 2016

While in Cracow, we visited a bunch of galleries, because most of the usual exhibitions are now available at a reduced price for students, what a cool perk! Modern Art Gallery called MOCAK is the first one that I will be talking about and sharing some photos.

What caught my eye immediately after we left our coats in the cloakroom were the exhibits that we could see in the main corridor of the gallery, before even entering the exhibition part of the building. Guess it is all one big piece of art. There were vending machines standing in the hall, each of them in different color, filled with canned drinks of some kind. As I came closer, it struck me that it was indeed an art piece "Satisfaction Guaranteed" by Joanna Rajkowska, a provocative work involving vending machines with elements of her body for symbolic consumption.Each drink type was something unusual. Representing a human need, things somehow so appealing, yet sadly not achievable by some liquid in a can. That was a very cool project in my opinion. "melon flavored drink with an extract from the retina, strenghtening the vision. edition limited to 500 cans."

In this post you will find some photos I took in this very gallery.  You will probably notice that I just love stalking strangers who contemplate art in such places. This time I didn't get busted! :) As for the architecture of the whole building - I loved the feeling of how vast it was. The rooms were big and spacious. Too bad there was hardly any place to sit. Modern art is tirying, you know? Especially when there are a bunch of movies playing. You could stand there and watch for hours. MOCAK exhibitions are very various. There are some photographs that you just must take while in this gallery. I tried my best at doing those art works some analog justice.

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