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Saturday, 7 November 2015

H  e  l  l  o !  As I promised, I am coming back with a new series of posts where I will do little interviews with some extremely talented people! It will be a great way for me to work out how much time I actually have to spend on blogging nowadays. I found our first artist, Mateja, on Etsy (Oh how I love it, truly!)  She comes from Croatia and has a degree in Art! I was immediately drawn to her works and decided I just have to own one and put it on my wall! :) Pictures in this post were not taken only by me. I wanted to show you more of Mateja's works and I only own one. I asked Mateja a couple of questions, here are her answers!

Who is the beautiful red-haired girl in your illustrations? You seem to portray her quite a lot. Tell us about her.

"The red-haired girl doesn't represent a person, but rather a state of mind, inner beauty. Her eyes are closed and she's turned towards herself. There are a few illustrations where the same girl appears: Silet Journey, Whispers in the Wind, I Love October, Awakening, Emerald Sky, Flamingo Girl.. and they're all a part of the collection "Eternal Beauty". That collection is truly distinctive, and it came to be in an interesting way. 

One autumn morning, at dawn, I woke up and couldn't sleep any longer. I had a strong need to get up and start working. I imagined a female figure, very delicate and exquisite. I'll always remember that. Everyone was asleep, there was complete silence, the Sun was just coming out. I had the fire going in the fireplace, and I was all wrapped up in a blanket. It was all so calming. "Eternal Beauty" is indeed a reflection of the atmosphere that surrounded me that morning I call it "my Mona Lisa"."

How do you prefer to have your coffee made?

"I adore the scent of coffee. I always drink decaf with warm milk. I'm very sensible and I've come to realize that caffein makes me very nervous."

When do you usually create? Day or night?

"I function best when I'm rested, in the morning. In the beginning I often worked during the night because I could work without being interrupted, however since I moved my workspace into an office I tend to work until 5 PM and then dedicate the rest of my time to other aspects of my life. If I'm trying to communicate something new, or I'm searching for a different direction that I haven't yet overcome, that usually means I especially need peace and quiet. I can handle everyday needs from my clients very successfully in many different conditions, independent of my mood, inspiration, illness or sadness. "

You have written in your bio on Etsy that what inspires you is life - also good books. What is the last book that you read that was inspirational for you?

"The Book Thief by Markus Zusak"

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"Even though my thoughts are always towards the future, I'm not so sure. My frugal life experience so far gives me the impression that I'm not so imaginative to be able to even comprehend what the future can hold for me. Already I am very content with what I have accomplished. I believe I will receive many wonderful opportunities during my career and that I will progress in my work, but I think my daily routines will basically stay the same as today."

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