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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

It is a Zenit thing.
On how my Zenit broke when in Poznan, parties we did not attend, things we did together and Caramel Starbucks Macchiato.

Not so long ago I told you about my new Zenit ET, which after only one roll became my new favourite in my small camera collection. I loved how intuitive it was to be photographing with it, but it did not last long. I took it to Poznan with me, knowing that if I want to get a chance at capturing this city's magic, this is the right camera for me. Unfortunately it died on me on the second day, since its shutter no longer closes itself fully. Again, pretty unlucky since I very much enjoyed it. And it is the second time around that my Zenit (first 412ls, now ET) fails at working. Still, I tried to stay positive and hope that even though I did not complete the whole roll and I could feel the shutter failing at times, I would end up with a few lovely photographs, which will make me reminisce it all. Now I guess I will come back to my beloved Praktica, since it's the only cam that has not disappointed me so far. What's up with me and Zenits anyway? Why am I so unlucky when it comes to those cameras? Seriously.

The Conference
My third stomatological conference passed faster than I had predicted it would have. We stayed in a lovely hostel little over 200 metres from the main townsquare, where the rooms were made in style of Roman Polanski's movies. Imagine me being all joyful, when the one we got was 'Repulsion'. I am so happy that despite our former worries that the place might not suit us very well, Rosemary's was fun to stay at & had great and helpful staff. Our room was small, yet cosy. There was somebody playing a guitar just outside our window (which I oddly found an advantage). Oh, and also a vodka bar, open from 10am to 5am, on the opposite side of the street, vis a vis our window. Coolest place ever.

3 is a number big enough for me to fail at avoiding comparisons. Gdansk stole my heart and was a way cooler in my opinion. But on the other hand, me in Poznan was definitely more fearless. It's a great thing to be travelling to distant cities, to be able to attend lectures of International professors and breathe some fresh, new air, every 3-4 months. 

I'll try anything once
There is some saying in Polish about Poznan, with its free translation of "city of experience", that I never predicted I would find so true after just one weekend. I had absolutely amazing time. I ate some delicious food (actually staying away from the regional cuisine, next time, I promise!), with a great company. Sure the weather could be nicer, we could see more stuff instead of staying in during the evenings, but I like my choices. I like them to the point of saying 'it was worth it, all of it.' It was my first time ever in that city. Once again, I found myself independent and sure that I can rely on myself. Pretty rad feeling, believe me.

We didn't have time to go around and explore as much as we wished. That kind of breaks my heart, being so close to new experience around each corner and not fully using my options. 

Our maths being flawless, we ended up with extra bus tickets and now we know we want to come back there again, maybe even later this year, for another few days, this time with a map in my hand and a working camera in another. Sending you lots of love, guys! 


  1. Beautiful, soft photographs and lovely colours houses!

  2. It's such a shame the camera broke, because it captures colour in a beautiful way. When I travel, I feel much more like myself, it's liberating, if in the not so positive moments.

  3. oh my! i saw these on instagram and loved them so much! im so happy i get to see more from the same roll here:)))))

  4. I am so sad about your camera!! I hope some of the images turn out.

    P.s. trying everything once is something I firmly believe in. Life is too short to say no sometimes

  5. ooh it all looks so pretty! I love the rows of coloured houses!

  6. Oh no, too bad about your Zenit :( Lovely shots, this place looks beautiful!

  7. What a crap! excuse the expression, but I don't score better. I'm sorry for your Zenit...
    I hope you find quickly an alternative for this situation Kasia :-) loved the beautiful colorful houses!

  8. Zenits are famous for their shutter problems and light leaks...but your pictures are wonderful Kasia and it is such a pleasure to read your post,as always :)

  9. I love this! So much prettyness here :) xoxo

  10. These photographs are amazing. I love the muted colors!!

  11. So sorry about your camera! Have you considered taking it apart and trying to.fix the shutter yourself? Could be a fun weekend project, and you've got nothing to lose!

  12. i love your words and images in a big way. so happy to have found your beauty-full blog.
    have a wonderful monday!

  13. So sad about your camera! these photos turned fantastic nevertheless!


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