Christmas illuminations of Warsaw

Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
Every time I try to sit down and write something I can feel the way I am shutting down. Shrinking. Words just don't want to flow even though my life has been a change after change the last month. I decided to keep you out of it, because I was never sure what another day may bring. You might've followed my Instagram or Twitter but there I did not share much too. Now I am a free human being, making plans that might keep me going for the next months. I was always about plans and feelings. I have always made many stupid mistakes. Or putting it differently, I always made stupid decisions. They are not all mistakes I believe. I made myself a promise once - I want and I'll try to live my life to the fullest and trust my gut. It made me hurt sometimes to do so, was not easy to follow the rules I created for myself. But on the other hand, it brought me experience and memories to never ever let go of. It seems like a fair equation to me.

Two weeks ago I ended up in Warsaw for the weekend. I can say I wasn't sure about that trip since like the last minute. Or the moment I arrived at the club at 1am and had a great time. I think that weekend was somehow a game changer for me. Even with the heavy rain that caught us there, I was able to admire some Christmas lights here and there, especially at Krakowskie Przedmiescie. I wish it was snow instead though. Well, we can never have everything. 

I made myself a promise to take more photographs these days. It is the time for me to go out and do what I love. I am starting to think more and more seriously about going to Milan during my winter break. Budget planning is a killer though, so keep your fingers crossed for that one! :)

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