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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

I never knew such places existed. Or perhaps I hoped they did, yet there were hidden away from me, unreachable. Times when you wake up and you feel so incredibly free, and you could sit reading a book, undisturbed for hours. It is a truly glorious feeling to experience a state like that. I was lucky to get invited to stay at that house for a few days to lay back and relax. I was reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn at the time. We were there with two Welsh terriers (& one turtle!!!) that completely stole my heart, being so drawn to humans and wanting to spend every minute of the day with them.

I turned into a morning person, getting up at around 8 am and just sitting on the porch, trying to see how beautiful the world is. Premade grocery shopping made us all forget about the importance of outer world. I hardly got any internet connection, and now that I think about it, it was a blessing at that time. I realized how hard it is to take mind off things when you are constantly checking your facebook feed or email. And this is what happens with me always, recently even mindlessly.

After breakfast we played boarding games. CV being my favourite! (Perhaps because I managed to win this one once, duh). Generally, I loved how it was all about

myself > other people > anything else (social media included)
in this healthy yet not selfish way

Feeling so nostalgic, I am bringing you two random posts made in the past (scroll down for links to them) This is an occasion for new readers to catch up on previous stuff and for the old readers - a chance for some reminiscing! :) 

Also I am looking for two bloggers that would like to guestpost on Dipped in Rococo in the month of October. I am welcoming both analog and non-analog bloggers, but my blog relies on photography, so I need the photographs to be good quality.I hope you understand. It is a great chance for you to advertise yourself in front of my readers for free :) I will need to review the post before it is published, but the topic is up to you, really!(lifestyle, diy, travel, whatever you want!) I am so excited! Please shoot me an email if you are interested: 

Oh & there was also a beach!

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