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Monday, 21 September 2015

It is still a mystery how I remain so terribly ashamed of taking pictures of food in bistros and cafes. I deeply love food, and food is often art - this is why I am still trying though. I succeed in being unseen almost always. This time though, as I was leaving, I was approached by someone from the staff, asking whether the pictures will be featured on some blog or something like that. That was such a great feeling. I wasn't treated like another young adult taking meaningless photographs of their lunch. I felt better than that. I somehow regretted not having a business card with me, because in my dreams I would always have one in a moment like that. Nope, I still don't have those. And maybe that is even better. Maybe I will grow up to printing them one day.

I don't do food reviews, because I am not qualified to do that. I often do write my opinion about it though. Take that super delicious pasta, for example, that somehow felt just so perfect for September, with mushrooms and fresh parsley. And technically all I end up saying is that you should totally visit this place. And I can recommend that one dish with my whole heart. On the other hand, A. was not amazed by the burger she ordered. It looked amazing, but the taste, she says, was only okay. Maybe I should really just act as if I knew what I was doing. Looking professional might make people feel intimidated and leave me alone to shoot some more.

I am that one friend that you probably have, who doesn't let you start your dish and they take a dozen pictures of it. And that is very unlikely to change, I think.

If you ever wanted to explore that little amazing place that we visited in this post, it is called "Zmokła Kura" and located in Bialystok, Poland. Ask for the pool on Stroma street, and then you will find it - since it is basically located in the same building. It is somehow this super cool place that not everyone knows about, so it makes me feel a bit as if it was my own.

Photographs in this post were taken with a Kodak Ektar film. Film that had possibly been expired for awhile and I was afraid to use it because of its low iso (100). I will write more about its performance the next time. For now you can decide yourselves and let me know in the comments what you think :)

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