wroclaw called wroclove (the essence)

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I came back from the overheated south of Poland a few days ago. The whole country is burning up, making me think that bus drivers that don't activate the air conditioning are murderers. It's tough to live in such heat. Wroclaw was particularly hot with its 39 degrees of Celcius in shade. I put up with it, just like I would so during some exotic vacations in Africa. This is my time, I thought. I don't sunbath like ever, knowing that sunburnt skin is unhealthy skin, ageing faster, and just generally nothing I should be proud of. In Wroclaw I let the sun kiss me slightly. 

Those few days south made me feel alive again. We were eating in restaurants, as my appetite was huge. So weird during such hot days, I have to admit. We walked the streets, a bottle of water in one hand, the city guide in another, my eyes covered with cheap sunglasses, that are probably ruining my eyesight. Each day was fun and unique. It's hard to tell you just one thing that I loved in Wroclaw. It's a beautiful city, and I was really in love with what I saw. One of the main attractions that did not require tickets, but did indeed make us walk further and further each day, was searching for the dwarves (the city special). We spotted about fifty of those (out of about two hundred, oh my), mostly because at times I felt like just walking and looking for them was not worthy of the time in this city. We had so much other stuff to see. Museums, parks, bridges, little islands. I think we made the best of our stay. I want to show you some of my memories in photographs. I hope you will enjoy them. Please, tell me what you would like to know. Do you want to see more dwarves? Should I do top 10 places to visit while in Wroclaw? I'm open to suggestions and I cannot wait to tell you more about my trip! 

Wroclaw stole my heart.

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