vintage market Kiermusy

Friday, 28 August 2015

Held once a month in a small village Kiermusy. A big gathering of people trying to sell their vintage goods. A unique experience for us :) 

It was some real luck that it was happening exactly when I was leaving Bialystok for summer holidays, because otherwise I would have missed it for sure. We had been talking about visiting Kiermusy on its vintage market day for awhile then. I was hoping to find a great opportunity to purchase some vintage cameras for small amount of money. Unfortunately that was the case :) There were Smenas, Agfas and the simplest Zenits around - for about 30 PLN each, definitely not what I was looking for, but also some better cameras, even a Leica (that I was not sure was not a fake) but for regular hundreds like prices. I wanted to spend some money, yet not that much. I laid my eyes on a beautiful vintage music box. In my price range, still playing beautiful Chopin tunes. The lady told me it was a French pre-war music box, I did not really believe her. At home I found out that it's an actual '70s or '80s box made in the US. See? More trust issues from now on.

I love vintage markets. If you ever happen to be in Prague, make sure to visit the flea market by Vltava - I wrote a post about this one here, where I shot those vintage goodies with my previous analog camera.

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