Saturday, 7 March 2015

If somebody told me, life was boring, I certainly would not agree. I might have my certain routines, I might be surrounded by the same people most of the time, but life is like a good restaurant, changes its menu, so the clients want more. Life has been serving me with all kinds of good and bad experiences. I have fallen apart with some people, fret about the future once again, been surprised finally learning the truth. I have a lot on my plate right now. I am also planning new photography projects, which "just" require new lens, new film and probably a slightly new outlook on photography, because I plan on making it all black and white. Oh and it requires models too... One day I might have my own little studio, who knows. I have developed a new roll a few days ago and I definitely have some things to show you, so please keep visiting, even though I am terrible at writing with consequence. 

I love my new room for this big white desk, which is a perfect setting for picture taking. Located right in front of a huge window, it gives beautiful natural light, shining onto all the little things that I want to capture. A watch, that I had received from my grandpa on my 18th birthday, which sadly isn't working too well. Donuts, that we ate while celebrating Fat Thursday almost a month ago. And my new favourite plumb tea! It is definitely a great spot! :) It definitely gives my photos the kind of esthetics that I adore so much. Please keep your fingers crossed for my new project, as it makes me very excited to even think about it. Thank you so much for still checking on my new posts, you are the most amazing readers, ever! To your knowledge, I am doing alright, I am still very much in love and everything is okay. I have even started to work out... Yes. Work out. But those things will not be put on film. Hugs and kisses!

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