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Monday, 9 February 2015

Time to do spontaneous things. To sometimes get up in the late morning, notice beautiful sun outside and go for a walk in the park. Now that we live in the city centre, we got to walk the prettiest lanes and even visited the zoo on our Sunday noon walk. There was also a running marathon held in the park at that time. The sky was clear blue, there was some chill in the air, as we walked and photographed. It's going to be a pretty long post and full of deer, you have been warned! :) Also, before I forget, I set up a facebook page for my blog, so you can guys be updated this way, "like" this way

I love taking walks alone, but I often desire to have some company. Canon AE-1 performed very well, and even let me catch those flying birds, that I could never photograph before. That camera makes it so easy to enjoy photographing even more! Fallow deer stole my heart. Our zoo is little and the cold caused most of the animals to hide away in their sheds, I still managed to enjoy myself and spent some quality time with deer, wolves, birds, European wildcats and more. The film used was Agfa Vista 400.

My flatmate was the lovely addition to the whole trip. We're getting along well, and it's a promising new start for me. The post is actually composed of two zoo walks, the second one I took alone a few days later, because I loved it so much the first time. I cannot wait for spring to come and more animals to be present outside. All those sunny days recently made me want to live. So I'm photographing more and I'm living more. I am exploring the city centre, taking walks, cooking more, watching Spanish thriller movies or National Geographic programs. Life is good. I'm loved back. I am loved back by the most amazing person. It's all like a dream.

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