morning blues

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Every minute in the morning is like a godsend. I always feel incredibly lucky if I wake up earlier than I should have and I realize I have a blessing of another twenty or so minutes in my bed. Feeling the warmth, the calm, the kindness of the sheets against my skin. But then the reality happens and we all have to get up sometime. I love sleeping, I love sleeping next to you and the way you fight the monsters under my new bed, which continuously steal my socks when you're not here.

Almost half of March and my soul is already rushing towards vacation planning. I'm a silly little girl, always wanting to jump onto that one plane that will take me far away to places full of inspiration and life. I always come back to the thoughts of Prague and the photos I took there, and how happy they made me afterwards. I want to feel those feelings again.

Out of another bunch of details that I had added to my room, there is this little Deer lamp, another etsy treasure! Its soft light is perfect at night and at the dawn of the day. It filled the bookcase of my pocket editions of Murakami.

City is full of light nowadays. It's hard to sit through the lectures as I'm praying for the sun to still be high in the sky once I finish them. We can all still feel the chill in the air. Well, is spring already here? The calendar would certainly disagree. I am stunned at how months fly by. We play tough, finish the tasks we are given, miss some sleep in the meantime and soon enough we will wake up to the last week of that term, I am sure of that. I cannot wait for that moment.

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