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Sunday, 20 July 2014

There is a coffeehouse back home, that I have began to love during the last year. It is a peaceful spot in the middle of my hometown's old town. So either it's a family noon coffee and cake or a meet up with friends, I am always secretly wanting to pick SiSi. Their interior is fabulously designed, with each detail worth capturing. It is also not too big, but pretty cosy. Two weeks ago, I made a brief trip back home to meet family and friends. Studying away from each other makes it tough for the friendships to stay alive, that's for sure. And it makes you extremely homesick when there is no one by your side. One more week of summer practice in a hospital and after my 21st birthday I am coming back home for two weeks before the Budapest trip. It will be only about 10 days, but after that it's going to be 1,5 months. That scares me. Very, very much. The world is dissolving all around me. Once again, time running through my fingers. I can save a moment by taking pictures, but life goes on. 

A couple of truths before a new week begins.

  • I miss you, I miss your smile and the little kisses you leave on my body. I miss your smell, your breath, the purring, the tenderness. 
  • I enjoy running this blog very much, probably more than a dentistry student should love analog photography and sharing her ramblings. 
  • I am so excited to be flying by plane again. I have done it only a few times, which is probably embarrassing to share, since I am turning 21, but whatever. 
  • I dream of travelling to places. And I believe I could make living in Canada or Australia my lifetime goal.

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  1. Mniam, ale pychotka ♥

    Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do siebie ♥

  2. Chciałabym mieć taką śliczną kawiarnie niedaleko domu, niestety moje miasto jest ubogie w takie urocze lokale :(

  3. Love coffee shop photos! <3 Especially the ones you've taken with Tudorcolor, Kasia :)

    1. this time, tudorcolor did exceptionally good :) thank you!

  4. lovely photos and words and yay for dreams :)

  5. looks like a lovely place.
    i think you have so many possibilities ahead of you. here's to new adventures in life

  6. You shouldn't feel ashamed to admit you've only flown for a few times in your life. Making trips is all about how much fun you have and what you see and with whom... not by means of transportation or distance...right?! ;) Also, this cafe does look like a most loveliest place, the chairs look so comfy. And your pictures are mesmerising as usual.

  7. wow, i love little coffee places like this mostly because of the cozy vibe and the lovely furniture!! Well good luck on your trip and really wish you could get more rolls online and shoot lots of Budapest photos! Btw, that first thing on your truth list made me miss someone even more too :'(

  8. Nothing to be embarrassed about not having taken so many flights - beauty is all around you and I am always jealous of the the sceneries you see in your country. I guess the grass is constantly greener on the other side, right? ♥

  9. Well I say, certainly come down under! Australia is a truly beautiful country, I suggest you visit it in the near future. :))

  10. Oh baby i have travelled way less than you :)
    everything is ahead,still!
    love that you share this little (important) truths with us!

  11. Always these beautiful moments that makes the viewer immerse him/herself into your world!


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