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Saturday, 9 May 2015

I am so so sorry for leaving you with no decent posts for so long! May & June will hopefully be the last months of my year three, so once the summer comes I will be here for good. Soon (in June) this blog will turn two years old, which makes me proud and excited to think what else will come my way. Photography has become so important, I don't want to ever let go of it! Today I am taking you with my photographs to sunny Warsaw, where I spent last May break, having been asked by my new flatmate to visit her for a few days. Beware, this post is a photo masterpost! I decided to show you most of the shots I took on that weekend. Featuring also pictures from the gorgoues Wilanów palace-gardens complex, leaving out only the ones took with Kodak Portra 400, since it was my first time with that film and I think it deserves a separate post about its performance and my opinion :) So read more, enjoy! Also, I have finally hit the 1k mark on Instagram, thank you everyone for following me and if you want to do so - check @cadds

d a y  1

We arrived early, but I was being too excited and hungry to be taking pictures at that point. I only photographed this one mural that can be seen when travelling from Bialystok to Warsaw. It says "Human's destiny" and in Polish the word "human's" contains "sheep'" On day one we ate at a restaurant called "Spring roll" - where they serve Asian food. I got dim sums with shrimps and for the main course- a chicken dish of some great and surprising flavours. Delicious - I must say! Day one brought some adventures already!

d a y  2

Lots of strolling the streets of Warsaw, but not in the ordinary way, M showed me all of the little details that always missed my attention. this is why it is so great to be guided around by someone who lives in the specific city, you will never see so much for yourself on your regular summer trip. And as we walked those beautiful little alleys, I thought, why exactly are people leaving Poland to seek gorgeous places? They are all around us, we just need to know where to look. Thank you M for having me and showing me around!

We saw some modern art exhibitions, which got me worried, because I understood none of it, and the works were so grotesque and "unusual" in a bad way, unfortunately. What I loved were the interiors of the art gallery, at least that! Leaving a list of places that we saw, ate in, explored - so you can put them on your list of things to do it Warsaw.

Spring Roll Cuisine□ Kozia street □ Żelazna street and the remains of the Warsaw Ghetto □ Zachęta the National Gallery of Moern Art  □ Presidential Palace □ The Tomb of an Unknown Soldier Bistro Bordo Cuda na Kiju Multitap bar (where we met Anja Rubik!!) Wilanów Palace Pędzący Królik restaurant 

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