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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I finally made another step towards my own analogue collection, buying a new lens - Canon 135mm FD f/3.5. At first I opted between 85mm-100mm, but found out that 85mm goes for some enormous amount of money and that's why I settled for a much cheaper alternative, a little bigger 135mm. These are the first photographs that I have taken with it. I love it when I buy something that is so much different that what I have shot with so far. Firstly, the distance. To get my focus right I need at least 1.5m between my subject and I. Works great with portraits, when I don't intimidate my models by putting my camera right into their faces. That's how I imagined the portrait taking from now on. 

What's most embarassing... I still don't quite know how to attach it. It's big, it's heavy, and it has some weird attach-technology which I haven't solved yet and when I use it, it requires a few tries. It makes me feel more like a pro though. And with the external lamp attached too - it looks pretty great, I must say. I treat it like my biggest treasure, and carry it around every day. I feel like it's perfect for stalking people in the park. It's not your regular telephoto lens, but I surely see its potential in that field.

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