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Thursday, 9 April 2015

I am a little ticking bomb. tick-tock Feeling like I could crush us all down anytime soon. Is it easy to be this way? No. It's the toughest thing ever to be looking into your eyes and knowing that for the best you should just let me go already. Fortunately or the contrary, someone gave me the body of selfishness and the heart of weak human material. I cannot stop and won't stop. I feel the destruction coming my way, but I'd rather burn myself down than change the locks that separate me from sanity. There are things that I want to strongly believe into. That I'm worth what I'm getting. And I am not talking about the bits of sadness or unclarity. I want to believe that finally, after all this time, the world is letting me off the leash. That it's not some Cinderella stuff that will end before I manage to blink twice. That it was all given to me, not to be taken away, but to stay.

Cold yet sunny mornings. Evenings with the sky turning to cotton candy shades then it all disappearing underneath the grey and dark blue. Nature is undoubtedly teaching us that it's never all perfect. That we can't eat the cake and have the cake. People are making mistakes one after one. Us, being human and feeling the love towards each other, is the only real thing in my life. This has been the beginning of April for me. Like I had told you, I have been shooting on two cameras at the same time, and I managed to finish two rolls of film sooner than I expected. I spent some quality time at home, not especially focusing on Easter, but more on recharging my batteries and feeling like I belong there.

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