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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hello there,  March, my beloved friend. You have a lot to live up to. I feel sorry for being picture-less, just as this beautiful month begins. Then I though that I probably should just feed you another stack of Prague pictures (yeah, so many still remaining unpublished, which I find sad) or just say how I plan my next journeys or something like that. The truth is - I don't, I just live week to week, day to day, kiss to kiss. I'm not standing on the ground, I'm floating above it. It's March and I have 10 things in my jar so far. If I really focused on details and each up that I had experienced in the past two months, I'm pretty sure I'd double that. You gave my life a pretty good score so far. But I'm not that person and sometimes I don't fully appreciate what life gives me. You wish you could freeze time, shut the world out, grab someone and not let go of them. There's one thing that I refuse to be pessimistic about, and this is us. I'm ready to settle down for exactly as much as can be given to me. I want it all, but I'd take anything, and that's the bloody truth. Most of the time I just clench my fists and I am willing to go through all that, because I know soon enough I will be looking at you again and it will be alright. You're my stress killer and you're my friend. 

Oh damn, you told me you'd laugh if I ever use Prague again, only because I'm too lazy to go out and take regular photographs. You only want me to post this, to get inside of my head. News flash, you're already there. I wish my uni was kind enough to give us few days off from time to time, so I could just grab my things and go somewhere. In late April is the third stomatology conference, which I may or may not attend. (I want to, though. I really want to.)  I love being on my feet. Same with train rides, getting out in a completely different place, with that glimpse of hope that I could be a different person too. I suppose once the weather lightens up and I start living in the second term rhythm, we should just go to Varsovie together.

Resolutions for March? 
Not spilling any coffee over my bed sheet again. Treating some caries. Being more lovable and being good to you. Succeeding in having my mum over in Bialystok. TAKING MORE PHOTOGRAPHS. Starting to pay attention at lecture. Kissing more. Crying less. Eating better. Getting you to send me more of your music. Learning to talk dirty. Filling my room with nice and lovely things. Always having a fragrance candle burning. Organising myself. Cleaning my bags of all the pens that stopped working ages ago. Killing it at university. Those are just a couple of things that I listed off the top of my head. Guess I have my March filled, how about you? 

The pictures that I'm showing you in this post are by no means leftovers. Some are actually my favourites taken during that trip. The first one for example. The 'wow' view (how my flatmate and I called it) - If I wear to sum it all up, a trip that took place over 5 months ago, I would pick this one photograph. There are things that I never talked about, like visiting the Gingerbread Museum or accidentaly taking pictures of strangers, while loading a new roll of 35mm. All those little things that had their special place on my film.

Now that I managed to avoid studying for another two hours, let me go back to reality and check how boring respiratory system failures can possibly be. Arrivederci.


  1. Wow beautiful pictures! you should keep them up!

  2. Feel free to keep posting pictures of Prague forever, because it's so beautiful! Especially on film. Good luck with studying :)

  3. I hope the Prague pictures never stop coming.
    Hope you have a lovely March <3

  4. To be quite honest, I'm not sure I'd have the energy to run the blog I'm running if I were still in school, so props to you for keeping it up as much as you can! The last one is perfection ♥

  5. Everytime I see your photos of Prague I just want to make it my next travel destination. We and our cameras should meet there someday :)

  6. Your Prague impressions are so great,even make me want to go there more.I hpe some day you can print your words along with the pictures we can see here <3


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