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Thursday, 10 October 2013

You just can't erase such views from your head after you've seen them. You just can't. 

Almost a month since our little Czech adventure. Days pass, but beautiful autumn weather lingers on. I keep wondering how much more beautiful Prague must be during this time of the year. For me, autumn is more of a stagnation period. I'm trying to fit in again, be social, but not neglect uni stuff. With the road to hell being paved with good intentions, I think I may have tried too hard. Wish there was something to keep me busy other than books. Someone who'd drink to my failures with me. For now, I'm here, listening to psychology lectures, with that inner troubling feeling, like I might need my own diagnose. But I guess this is all on Autumn and the fact that I'm incapable of getting my Pumpkin Spice Latte fix.


  1. I feel the same way with Spring or any new season to be honest. It's the start of spring here in Australia and I am struggling to keep up with myself.

    I hope Autumn treats you well. Its a beautiful season with beautiful colours. Enjoy it!

    1. Aww so cool that you're from Aussie! Wish I could switch autumn for spring again! :)

  2. Oh tkank you so much kasia! I was so happy that week with finally autumn weather, but this week summer's back and its so hot again :(
    And btw, really nice blog! I loved everything about it, congratulations

    love, Sofia

  3. These aerial views of Prague are magnificent!
    As for autumn, despite the beautiful colours, it can be quite melancholy at times - hopefully you'll feel better soon!

  4. Wow, really like your blog! You make such pretty pictures and your writing is very beautiful!

    xoxo Anne ~ http://lifeasarollingstone.blogspot.com

  5. I'm sure everything will work out. ♥

  6. The same thoughts were going through my head till about a week ago... but this fall just feels a bit different, a bit better than I thought and expected (yeah, ask me again in two weeks when I'm head and heals into the new projects) but for the first time I feel like everything is going to work out. I really hope that something amazing will happen to you and you'll feel the same! <3 And God, I'm already thinking of going to Prague in the spring because your pictures have made my obsession even bigger!!!

  7. Almost every week i think i need to get my diagnose of psychological issues,ahhha
    - but now seriously i already know what's going on with me and possible you at this time of the year,it's called SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder.
    I try to respond to the world at this moment.Not to react,just respond and that helps*

    these Prague views are awesome and i

  8. I found a recipe online for making your own pumpkin spice syrup....maybe that will cheer you up? haha I love autumn, but I would skip it to go to a city an beautiful as prague! Gorgeous photographs.

  9. Still beautiful still amazing.

  10. Thank you!<3
    These photos are wonderful!

  11. Well, so this is, I can't even stop to take a look at your blog Kasia. beautiful photos as always. I always love the dynamics in your photos :-)
    cheers Kasia!

  12. I like your blog, you have a style and mood on the photos. I was surprised, that you photos taken by film camera. Nowdays it's not usual thing.
    And yes, of course Prague is beautiful during autumn days, but you already liked "green version" of Prague too.

  13. Such beautiful pictures of Prague. Makes me wanna go soon

  14. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, Kasia! Really appreciate it. :) Your photos are so lovely as well - so dreamy and pretty! I totally love analogue photography.


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