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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Lately I do feel this weird blockade that I cannot find my way to pass while expressing my feelings. Actually, recently, I don't have power or will to express myself at all. This is why I didn't write much, because every time that I tried, was a failure. Maybe the crisis that I am facing it's happening because I feel like adulthood is just around the corner? And I am nowhere near settled. I focused more on my businesses, marketing my photography work. And it paid off :) Maybe it's just like any other morning, that caffeine will make me go eventually. And the mood swings, they will go away too. Of course I have so many photos to show you. Maybe I wasn't shooting too often, but since I've been gone, I completed a couple of rolls. Switched back to my beloved Helios lens. Hello again, bokeh times!

What I want to share with you is that there is a high chance that this summer I will become a cat lady. Well, hopefully not the crazy type (though I cannot particularly change how crazy I am already, right?) On next Tuesday at 7am I have my allergy tests that will be the last step before my final decision. Over the couple of weeks I did some great amounts of thinking it over. Some people were truly excited about it, just the way I am, and I am so thankful for that. Others, sceptical, only motivated my ambitious self to make it all work out.  I am currently watching one Birman cats breeder where they are awaiting kittens around May 20th. Keep your fingers crossed for me! And if you have any words of encouragement... Now this is the time to share! I've been asking myself many questions. I haven't had a cat before, so I'm on this constant search of information on how to raise one. I will keep you updated on this topic.

So after I went back fully manual to use my Helios 44/2 lens again, it was around the time when everything started to come alive and sooner after that - blossoming. I went on a shooting spree of all types of trees and flowers. But as you can tell, my photos are still lacking actual people. Of course I've been photographing strangers like crazy. Another happy news is that my Instagram account recently hit 5000 followers! A particularly huge deal for me, since it's been my goal since last Autumn to hit that number. 

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