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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Łódź is a city located right in the middle of Poland, just a two hour train ride from our capital, Warsaw. Another dental conference was held there, and I found it super exciting to visit it again. The look of the town is somehow disturbing. There are abandoned houses right in the middle of it. Abandoned, falling apart, frankly speaking - gross, dark and depressing. It still makes me wonder why those are kept. Some have apparently been torn down, leaving big walls of their neighbours bashfully exposed. Some of these are now covered with street art, which Łódź is pretty famous for. As little time as we had, walking in rain, we explored some places to get a general feeling of this city. 

Ferrania Solaris 400, expired, was my film choice for that trip. It is very hard to get a Ferrania film nowadays. I got mine - to gain some experience, before it disappears from the market completely. If you want to try it yourself, you still have a chance. Just contact Katie for it! :) That roll was expired in 2008, making me 7 years late :) Sure you can see lots of grain, and I can only blame it on being expired, since I truly hope it's not my camera's freshly gained feature. Come on, it has just been fixed and it was so hard to live without it during that time! I'm positive we can all appreciate the colors though! Time of restocking came again, and after publishing this post I will finally order some new rolls to work on. What is your experience with expired film? I have got bugs and lots of grain so far. Wondering what's to come! x

Also, moving day is coming and I couldn't be more excited! It's time to start from scratch, find myself new space and four walls to call home in this city. Ahhh yes. I sort of have a home in your eyes, but one wise thing was written at some point - you cannot make homes out of human beings, so I will actually need a real bed, floor and everything that comes with it. Soon enough you will see for yourselves, I promise!

Desk in front of me during the conference. Free magazines, coffee - so crucial at 10am.

Their conference hall. I loved it in purple!

Apparently there are famous tales characters set up all over the city. Somebody knitted them some hats and scarves so they don't get too cold.

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